Xiaomi Mi Band 5: will be launched in the global market with NFC support
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Xiaomi Mi Band 5: will be launched in the global market with NFC support


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be the company’s first fitness band that can be launched outside China with NFC support in other countries …

However, this feature was removed for countries outside China. However, the upcoming Mi Band 5 will have NFC support for the entire world.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 The company’s first fitness band

Xiaomi recently launched Mi Band 4 in the Indian market, which is equipped with many features. But NFC support is not present in it, while Mi Band 4 available in China provides NFC support. At the same time, there is news that the company can launch its upcoming fitness Mi Band 5 with NFC support in the global market in addition to China. But the information about its launch date or other features has not been revealed yet.

Mi Band 5 Global Market

According to the report on GSMArena, the company’s upcoming Mi Band 5 will also be launched in the global market with NFC feature. Whereas Mi Band has not yet been given NFC support in other countries outside of China. Apart from this, contactless payments may be available as a special feature in Mi Band 5. Which will make the payment facility easier. The upcoming generation of the Mi Band will also offer NFC in the global version. However, it is not yet clear whether this in-built mic feature will also be in this model. The report also states that the Mi Band 5 will be much better and stronger than the previous model.

Although Xiaomi has not yet officially given any information about Mi Band 5, looking at the launch history of previous models of Mi Band, it has been launched every year around May and June. Given this, it is expected that Mi Band 5 will be launched around this time next year.

Band 5
Band 5

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was launched in India only last month. It is priced at Rs 2,299 and comes in five colours, orange, purple, black, burgundy and beige.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 sports a 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen colour display with a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels. It is equipped with features like the heart-rate sensor, step counter.

What’s New in Mi Band

The device has a digital assistant inbuilt, so also supports voice commands. The latest Me Band supports Bluetooth and NFC for connectivity.

At the same time, users can also use this band to login attendance at the work station. Also, it can also be used as a bus pass. Whereas in India, it will be used to use it as a metro card. Although officially the company has not yet made any disclosure regarding the launch date of Mi Band 5 but it is expected that it can knock in the market soon.

By the way, Xiaomi launched Mi Band 4 in the Indian market recently, its price is Rs 2,299. Talking about the features of Mi Band 4, it has a 0.95-inch colour AMOLED touchscreen display. Whose screen resolution is 120×240? The company claims that the battery of this fitness band is capable of providing a 20-day backup on a single charge.

It features several tracking features including heart rate monitoring sensor. Talking about fitness tracker, this band also tracks running, jogging, cycling. Along with this, you will also get 6-axis sensors which are equipped with features like swimming, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke and medley. Bluetooth 5.0 support is provided in the device.

With a six-axis accelerometer for swimmers, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can identify swimming strokes and also offer SWOLF scores allowing you to measure your swimming performance.

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