Why do we celebrate Diwali? Scientific and Ancient Reasons.

Why do we celebrate Diwali? Scientific and Ancient Reasons.


You already know about lots of thing about the Festival of Diwali. And you all celebrate Diwali with your friends, family & colleagues. But I bet you some of you don’t know the real fact about celebrating Diwali. Yes, there are lots of ancient & scientific reasons behind the celebration of Diwali. But How many of you know about this.

Diwali is biggest festival in India. And we celebrate Diwali together. Enjoy in this day. Send messages, eat lots of sweets in Diwali. But we have to forget our history. Last time when I go for Dhushera, Many people don’t know who is Ravana. What did he do? Who is Shri Rama? I surprise because what they teach their children? we are doing like this, We celebrate Diwali. Because others are doing the same. Some of you tell that our parents doing this that why we are also celebrating Diwali. I know a few of you already know about a few stories about Diwali. But today I will tell you more.

Celebrate Diwali
Celebrate Diwali

You are ready to know what is Diwali? and why we celebrating Diwali?. What is the scientific reason behind celebrating Diwali? Why do we all burn the lamp on Diwali by putting it in line? Perhaps some of you may know this, but we claim it. That what you know today, you will feel that you know very little information about this Diwali festival.

People have often heard by others say that Diwali is a festival of Hindus. But it is not at all like that Diwali is only a Hindu festival, but due to the lack of knowledge, people feel that it is a festival of people belonging to only one religion. They do not have knowledge about Diwali and even if only limited knowledge.

But today, through this post, we will surely answer all of your questions, so that you will get complete knowledge and you can give the right information to your children or to your belongs that what is Diwali? Why do we celebrate Diwali? What is the scientific reason behind celebrating Diwali? What is the history of Diwali? Many more questions about Diwali. So let’s start our journey of knowledge and know about this festival of our wind…

Celebrating Diwali
Celebrating Diwali

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What is Diwali?

“Diwali or Deepawali means (Deep + Aavali the combination of two words) means a group of lamps or line of lamps. If we say that Diwali means the festival of lights. Because we celebrate this festival by lighting lamps on Diwali, this is why it is called Diwali. Diwali is an ancient festival of Hindus which often falls in the month of October November (Hindu lunisolar month Kartika). This festival is celebrated on the light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, religion over iniquity, good over evil and hope over hope and despair.

The preparation and worship rituals of the Diwali festival usually begin five days in advance. But the main festival of Diwali is on the night of Amavasya of Kartik month. According to the Gregorian calendar, Diwali often falls between October and mid-November. It is also the main festival of Hindus. One of the reasons for observing Diwali is that only God in the form of truth and knowledge and the form of light which exists in our midst and to light this light, we light the lamp in the dark night and remember that divine Let’s do it.

about Diwali
about Diwali

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

There are lots of reason to celebrate Diwali festival. Some reasons are ancient & some are scientific for celebrating Diwali. There is always some story behind celebrating a festival like Diwali. So I will tell you this story in short. And Today I will try to give you the answer to this type of question. I hope you will like them.

Some ancient reasons to celebrate Diwali. Now we will give you some reasons to celebrate Diwali. Which are written in old religious texts?

  1. A demon named Narakasura was slaughtered by Lord Shri Krishna. So, that day is called Naraka Chaturdashi, and dedicate this day to the god Shri Krishna that he had restored peace by ending a devil.
  2. On the occasion of the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi, we also consider Diwali when the Gods and demon ( Rakshasa) was the churning in the sea when Goddess Lakshmi came out of the ocean. That is the same day of Diwali. So, remembering the Goddess lakshmi we also celebrate Diwali festival.
  3. On this day, Pandavas also came out of the forest after their 12 years of exile. And to celebrate this happiness, he and the townspeople light lamps.
  4. Sri Rama also returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana of Sri Lanka who abducted Rama’s wife Mata Sita. After killing him, Shri Ram returned to his hometown of Ayodhya from Lanka. That day was a dark night. So Ayodhya residents welcomed their King Rama by lighting lots of lamps. Rama arrived in Ayodhya on the first day of Diwali, even on that day people waited for Shri Rama by lighting lamps, but Rama stayed outside Ayodhya. So we consider that day as a small Diwali.
  5. In Jainism also celebrate Diwali, because Lord Mahavir Gautama Buddha, one of the greatest Tirthankaras attained nirvana on this day – which was equivalent to the tomb of Hidunn Yogi on Diwali.
  6. Sikhs also celebrate the great importance of Diwali because the foundation of the Golden Temple in Amritsar was laid on the day of Diwali. Guru Amardas called all Sikhs to receive the blessings of the Gurus that day. One of the ten Sikh Guru Hari Govinda Singh ji was released from imprisonment on the day of Diwali by the Mughal emperor Jahangir.
  7. Arya Samaj followers consider this day as a holy day because its founder Dayanand Saraswati attained samadhi on this day.
  8. You all must have known about King Vikramaditya, he too was crowned king on the day of Diwali.
  9. This is a new year for Gujarat, and in some places, and for other businessmen. It is on this day that they begin their new financial year.

Almost all Hindu festivals come on the full moon day, so there is a natural moonlight. We have to remember that thousands of years ago there was no electric light in any way.

Diwali Festival
Diwali Festival

So the 9 reasons mentioned above give us a big lesson. That the victory of good does not happen easily as Rama faced for 14 years, and the Pandavas had to endure 12 + 1 years of rigorous exile. Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth, also does not come easily. You have to churn your self just like churning the ocean. Krishna had to make a difficult journey from the city of Dwarka to Kamarop to kill Narakasura. To succeed in anything, you also have to face tough struggle, but the final victory will also be yours.

Why celebrate Diwali on different dates?

Why do we celebrate Diwali on different dates every year? This question is often in the mind of the people that like New Year’s Day or Makar Sankranti (Pongal) falls on the same date. So why does Diwali happen on different dates? So let’s know the reason for this …

Hindu festivals are usually based on the lunar calendar itself. That is, they are based on the motion of the Moon. Diwali is also one of them. But there are exceptions

Some other Hindu festivals are also based on the solar calendar. They are based on the motion of the Sun. So they come on almost the same date every year, except leap years. You will be unsure to know that our ancestors had good technology with us so that they used to estimate the speed of our planets and stars correctly. And to calculate it, our ancestors used to use codes like Thithi and Nakshatra. They calculated it as if our earth, moon and sun were in the same place as those of Shri Rama and this particular thithi like Amavasya, These festivals come only on the full moon, Ashtami, Navami etc. By estimating these Naxatras, they decide the date and time of all the festivals.

Scientific Reason Of Diwali
Scientific Reason Of Diwali

What is the scientific reason for celebrating Diwali?

There is always a scientific reason behind to celebrate a festival and Diwali is one of them. Yes For celebrating Diwali has a scientific reason because our ancestors have very good knowledge about science and they are not doing anything without a strong reason. When they felt that this is very important for us, then they are doing that work. And Celebrating a festival like Diwali is one big festival which has some strong scientific reason behind it. So let me tell you about this.

Philosophers give their reason for this, light is the symbol of a good thing in this whole world. Evil symbolizes darkness, fear of death. So we always need light to symbolize hope. But our scientists do not agree with this reason because they always require some reliable facts for the believer. These are just lines of words that scientists don’t believe in and I know that some of you don’t believe in these kinds of words either. So do not worry I will also give you scientific reasons for this Diwali. So let’s know some scientific reasons for lighting diyas on Diwali…

Scientists tell about the festival of Diwali, it comes at the beginning of winter and at that time a lot of insects come and destroy our crops. When you light millions of ghee or mustard oil lamps, those insects are attracted by those lamps and fall into them and die. It is an inborn nature of insects that attract and attract light to them, they go towards that light and die.

Bonfire nights are celebrated in some countries. Even on Diwali in England, Good Friday comes on 5 November every year. Bonfires are lit in almost the entire Northern Hemisphere in November before Good Friday. It is included in most cultures. We also find it similar to customs in African and Australian tribal cultures.

Apart from killing insects, there are some other reasons as well, that it also gives warmth in the winter season. They are gathered by burning such fire. All people interact with each other about their work and this gives them an opportunity to think together and work together. They sing and dance in groups. Do you know that music and dance originated millions of years ago around the fire in caves?

Even the oldest religious book Rigveda begins with fire and ends with fire.

Even in South India, one month after Diwali on Karti Purnima, every town and village burns bonfire. Millions of lamps are lit in homes and temples. They are made from recycled materials like clay. The oil used for those lamps is special oil, which has some medicinal properties. It is called ILUPPA ENNEI.

So you now know, what is the scientific reason for celebrating Diwali? so let us tell a few more things about Diwali which you will find very interesting.

diwali crackers
diwali crackers

Why do we have fireworks on Diwali?

I have heard people saying alphabets that do not fireworks on Diwali. This is dangerous for our environment. And they have also been right because the smoke of fireworks that we make today is not only dangerous for us, but it also affects our environment. But do you know why we fireworks on Diwali? Do you know what is the reason for fireworks on Diwali? If not, then go. Today we also inform you about why fireworks have become necessary on Diwali.

We are human beings and humans are a pironemics. I know piromnia is a new word for you guys here. But to know about fireworks, you have to first understand the meaning of Pyromania.

So let’s know about Pyromania …

Diwali Fireworks
Diwali Fireworks

What is Pyromania?

Pyromania is an impulse control disorder and if you look at the Oxford Dictionary, it means “AN OBSESSIVE DESIRE TO SET FIRE TO THINGS”. The word piromania is derived from the Greek word yρ (pir, fire). In Pyromania the person fires intentionally for his personal, monetary or political gain. Pyromaniacs start a fire to increase their enthusiasm.

Ever since humans have discovered fire, a successor has arisen in us that gives us a feeling of happiness when a fire breaks out.

It is in our genes. If it is not controlled properly then it becomes a mental disease. Since you all know that we all lived in caves millions of years ago, the only help from nature was fire.

If you know that in August 2010, there were big riots in London. Angry youths set fire to buildings, houses and shops due to police action. The violence destroyed property worth millions of pounds. In India, we usually witness such arson attacks during every bandh or strike. The reason for this, according to social scientists, is we have not exacerbated this pyromania. There is a tremendous habit of spending among the youth. If you ask them to do controlled arson like fireworks, then they can work to some extent in riots and arson incidents. And as we have already told you that Hinduism is completely based on science. This pyromania was deliberately permitted by our ancestors to control you. You can burn old things on Diwali day or bonfire day without affecting your neighbourhood. The bonfire is celebrated a day before Pongal in Tamil Nadu.

Nowadays children and youth are not given that opportunity or less. So they misbehave during the riots. Damage to our own property.

You may be surprised to know that Western countries are spending billions of dollars in fireworks during the Olympics or their Independence Day. As I have already told you, the reason is that we are still pyromaniacs. Secondly, we all know that in olden times we used to burn a fire in caves millions of years ago to protect ourselves from animals, cook food for us and get heat in winter, it is still present in our jeans.

This is the reason why we allow our children to fire fireworks under the supervision of elders.

There are some more minor reasons as well. Some cultures believe that fireworks like firecrackers keep away evil spirits. In a place like the Sabarimalai Ayyappan temple, they also use it to scare and keep wild animals away. In Tamil Nadu, explosives are used to announce the procession of the gods. Hearing the sound of fireworks, distant people come to the streets because there is a chariot or procession of God coming from there.

Final Word about celebrating Diwali

Hey friends, I hope now you all know the real facts about celebrating Diwali. You also know the scientific reason behind the celebrating Diwali festival. Here I have tried to give you all the facts ‘why’ ‘what’ about Diwali. If you have more facts about this festival then comment below. We will also add those facts here. Because if you give knowledge to anyone then your knowledge increase. And also request you please subscribe our blog and share this post with your friends. So, they will also aware of our festival.

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