What is marriage? Should I choose Love / Arrange Marriage

What is marriage? Should I choose Love / Arrange Marriage


Hey, Friends Today We will discuss about Love / Arrange Marriage. We will also discuss Love / Arrange Marriage benefits and Disadvantage.

I hope many of you are confused about Love / Arrange Marriage. Some have very clear about their marriage. They know which one they choose in both of Love / Arrange Marriage.

Now the First Question is, What is Marriage? and the best answer is, Marriage is a social or religiously recognized union between two people that establishes rights and obligations between those people, as well as between them and any resulting biological or adopted children and treaties. The definition of marriage varies worldwide not only between cultures and religions but also in the history of any culture & religion. Typically, it is primarily an institution in which interpersonal relationships, usually sexual, are accepted or sanctioned. Now, which marriage should we choose Love or Arrange Marriage?

what is the meaning of marriage

Love / Arrange Marriage, know what makes people happier

Marriage is a lifetime relationship. Regarding marriage, most people live in confusion whether they should marry the person of their choice or of their choice. Married love or arranged both have their own characteristics and flaws. Although some people get their own partner. Therefore, they do not have much difficulty in deciding the marriage. But for those who are still looking for their soul mate, it is very difficult to choose one in love and arranged marriage. If you are also one of them, then know which marriage goes more in love and arranged marriage…

Love Marriage: There is already a lot of love between partners in Love Marriage. Therefore, if there is any conflict between them, they make themselves happy. Because they are well aware of what makes their partner angry and how to calm that anger.

Arrange Marriage: According to a survey, about 75 per cent of the people in India believe in arranging the marriage. Because in the Orange marriage, you choose the partner not in the emotions but in considering it carefully and choose the partner that matches your personality, background, status.

Love Marriage: While love marriage proves to be a good marriage, it also has some negative effects. Actually, when you love someone you don’t see flaws in that person. Also, in relationship planning, lunch, dinner, Shona, Babi are so lost that they do not consider it necessary to discuss with their partner about the things necessary for a happy life after marriage. Therefore, many problems start coming up after marriage. Due to which the relationship starts to crack.

Arrange Marriage: In Arrange Marriage people get sport full of partner family. Because when your partner is of your family’s choice, they not only respect them, they also support them in every sad and painful life.

Love marriage: The best thing about love marriage is that the partners are aware of each other’s strengths as well as flaws.

Arrange Marriage: You already understand your partner in love marriage. Therefore, after marriage, you are neither interested nor in need to know the partner. But after arranging a marriage, knowing and understanding the partner after arranging a marriage is quite interesting. Gradually, this beautiful feeling takes the form of love and the marriage relationship becomes very strong.

Love Marriage: In every marriage, some problems are sometimes encountered. But people who get married to their choice are unable to share those problems with their family members. Because it is their own decision to marry. Because of which they have to find their own way for every problem. Which puts the person under stress and a loving relationship breaks down.

Arrange Marriage: Like love marriage, there can be many problems in the arranged marriage. Actually, in the Orange Marriage, you do not have any information about the nature of the partner, their choice or choice, their past. Suddenly, the hidden form of the partner can be revealed and the relationship may lose its sheen.

Love Marriage: There is better chemistry between the loving couple. Both understand each other well. Already know each other’s choice and not their choice. After marriage, their love becomes deeper.

Arrange marriage

Is ‘Arrange marriage’ perfect for you

Love / Arrange Marriage?

Before making any argument on this subject, I want to make it clear that this topic is a never-ending discussion… For those who have benefited from love marriage, there is nothing better than love marriage. And for those who are happy to marry according to the choice of the family, this decision has proved to be the best. But marriages done both ways have also been seen to be bad …

Your Opinion?
So how can we tell which marriage is good? Some people think that marriage makes two people successful, not the way of getting married. Love or arranged, if the bond is strong then it is impossible to break it. That marriage will thrive on its own.

What is right?
But if the husband and wife are not happy, then no matter how much the family tries, they cannot be kept together. You will find many people who oppose both as well as love or arranged ones. Many examples will also be found, but most of the examples are found related to Love Marriage.

love marriage

Our society
Why? Because our society is like this … The family does not accept the marriage of its own free will as well as the family. In such a situation, when there is a rift in the husband and wife, it is not right to fill it. But something like this has also happened to arranged marriages nowadays. Although more people than disadvantages count the benefits of arranged marriage, know what are its benefits.

It is the Indian culture that as much importance is given to relationships here, preference is given to society as well. So when arranged in arranged marriage and fraternity in an arranged marriage, the society is happy, at the same time, after marriage, the husband or wife does not have to compromise with reference to the customs.

Do not have to compromise

If married in a single cast, there is no newness from festival to Sanskore, due to which there is no pull. Otherwise, after the love marriage, how many years are spent in understanding each other’s religious customs. Girls are the biggest losers of this, because the husband, whether on behalf of the wife or not, accept the rites, but the daughter-in-law of the house has to learn everything.

It is true in Love Marriage that you have already got to know your partner well. But along with his goodness, many of his evils are also revealed. In such a situation, quarrels start taking place shortly after marriage. But this is not the case in arranged marriages.

what is marriage all about

You get time

In this, the first few years go out, giving each other respect and time in laughter and happiness. Apart from this, there is pressure from the family as well, due to which the husband and wife try to understand each other for some years. Therefore, in other words, the name of walking with married life as well as the family is Arranged Marriage.

Family support too

But it is not necessary that everything is right after the arranged marriage. It may be that after marriage, some couples fall victim to mutual differences for some reasons. But here the family’s support serves to connect them back.

Family becomes shield

In an arranged marriage, the family is the shield of the relationship, for some time it is engaged in securing this newly formed relationship in one way or the other. But this does not happen in Love Marriage. Here the family members are already angry, if they go against the family and get married, then for any number of years, if they get any help, the husband and wife are not even in contact with the family.

But even if we are married by mutual advice, our Indian society takes time to accept the love marriage completely. Because after marriage, there was no problem that we get to hear the taunt that you did not find yourself, bride and groom, we ourselves suffered.

But also a little adjustment

But in the arranged marriage everything is good, it is not written anywhere. Because here, after marriage, you do not have any arbitrariness, but you have to follow the rules and rules of the family.

You adjust yourself

Especially the new daughter-in-law of the house has to understand the rules of the new house. But there is nothing wrong in this, as this is the speciality of arranged marriage… The family itself teaches the person to adjust. For this reason, you can go anywhere and maintain good relations with the family.

This benefit is not available in love marriage

But on the other hand, in Love Marriage did not do any work against the family that one has to listen to a hundred things instead of one. Because here, family members need an excuse to say the bad choice of a boy is worse. And when they get it they squeeze it completely.

Why does the love marriage break quickly?

There is a great eagerness about marriage among the youth. Mainly teenagers are very interested in these things. They have a lot of positive thinking about love marriage. Even at every crossroads, some people are ready to fight about their own political party. In the same way, sometimes a very serious debate is started on this issue. The end of which is being debated only in Teenagers. So in the case of love marriage otherwise, if this debate is happening with the elders, then the victory of the marriage marriages arises. And sometimes if you try to become more modern then your respectful beating is ensured by the stepfathers of the mother.

love marriage is better than arrange marriage

But the question is about your marriage, and if you are in that relationship for a lifetime, then your courage is not so weak that it will be spoiled by two or four punches. After all, when you have consumed the Bourne Vita in childhood, when is it going to work? But sometimes the situations are different than you think. And there is a dilemma in your mind whether to do love marriage or arranged marriage? On one side there is your family, on the other hand, your love, what to do, nothing is understood. During this period, you get threats of type eviction from suicide, property from both sides. Will we talk today, should love marriage or arrange marriage? Is there a third option besides this? What is love marriage? And What is an Arrange marriage?

What is love marriage?

Love marriage refers to a marriage in which the bride and groom choose each other on their own and they tie themselves to this marriage bond. They often have love, sexual and mental relationships even before they are bound in the marital bond. In this marriage, acceptance of family members is seen in very few situations. In this, mainly the boy and the girl decide to get married together. Primarily such marriages are done in large numbers either by running away from home or by court marriage. In India, violence sometimes takes a very formidable form due to these. Many times, the couple also has to see the dead.

Love / Arrange Marriage Benefits

What is Arrange marriage?

Arrange marriage refers to such a matrimonial system in which family members find a partner for a bride or groom by their choice. And marriage is done in the traditional way. In this marriage system, the wishes of the family take precedence. In this marriage, the bride is given preference on the basis of a government job. Acceptance of the bride and groom does not matter very much. Sometimes such marriages are done for the reason that the girl or the boy should not get away from home.

Benefits of love marriage

If you are in the love marriage So you already know each other. And you know his good bad habits. So you manage each other even in adverse circumstances.

Because you have chosen your partner yourself, then there is a satisfaction in you that everything is happening on your own free will. And you are free to make your own decisions.

Spoilage of love marriage

(1). Family support
You miss that happiness if you make your family angry, which are traditional wedding rituals and customs. You remain untouched by them. And later you miss her.
(2). Loneliness
When you get married by resenting the family, you only get the support from your partner. Due to which many times people become victims of loneliness and depression.

Benefits of Arrange marriage

 (1) All People Together
If you arrange marriage then you get married in the traditional manner with all rituals. When all the people are together then wrong also seems to be right. And creates a positive environment.
(2). society
Because of the trend of arranged marriage in society and it is also considered good. So there is no harm to your face and you can live in society by raising your head. You do not have to face any kind of Rok Tok or Tano.

Spoilage of Arrange marriage

(1). Suppression of desires
If your spouse is not in tune with your wishes then you have to strangle your desires. Even after trying, you are unable to keep your wish.
(2). Relationship with an unknown person
Because you arrange marriage, you know your partner very little compared to love marriage. When you know less then you have to face problems which later become more inconvenient.

Should Love / Arrange marriage?

It would be easy for me to answer this, but you find it very difficult to make a decision. If you can kill your inner sensations and tolerate the violence of Love Marriage. You do not mind what someone says or thinks about your family. So you can happily make love marriage.

 If you can strangle your desires. And can marry any stranger. And you have more care for your family’s identity and social reputation. If you cannot fight the world for your rights, then you should arrange marriage.

Is there a third option on Love / Arrange Marriage?
The third option is very risky. But at least if you do not want to marry an unknown person, then it is of your use. You can go to Love / Arrange marriage. Explain the family and tell them that you want your partner of choice.

For this, I will ask you to do something bigger and better. The family will bow down to you and you will be accepted. Because then they know that you are on the right track.

It doesn’t matter you have Love / Arrange Marriage, it is successful only when two people respect each other with love. To keep the marriage happy, it is very important to trust your partner. Ignore as little problems as possible. Be sure to express your love for each other, and praise your partner for doing something good. Sweetness will remain in such a relationship and your married life will remain happy.

Choose which one you like Love / Arrange Marriage. Success in your hand. Tell us in the comment which one you like Love / Arrange Marriage.

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