What are calcium, benefits, side effects and sources
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What are calcium, benefits, side effects and sources


Read in this article
1. What is calcium?
2. Why does our body need calcium?
3. Benefits of calcium
4. Loses weight
5. Heart health
6. Reduces the risk of colon cancer
7. Prevents kidney stones
8. Strong bones
9. Regulates blood pressure
10. Loss of calcium
11. Sources of calcium
12. How much calcium do we need

What is calcium?

Calcium is a mineral found in abundance in our body. It is very useful and beneficial for our health. The Calcium is a chemical element that is very important for living organisms including humans. It is needed to strengthen our bones and maintain effective communication with the rest of the brain.

Calcium Formula is ” 20Ca “. Here we use calcium as ca

what is calcium
what is calcium

Calcium is found naturally in many foods

Why does our body need calcium?

what is calcium

99% of the “ca” in our body is in bones and teeth. By the time we are 20 or 25 years old, the density of bones is highest and even then it provides strength to our bones. After this, the density of bone starts decreasing in our body but still, it maintains the strength of our bones and slows down the reduction in bone density.

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Benefits of calcium

Well, the benefit of “ca” is that it strengthens our bones and teeth. There are many more benefits of this, let us know in detail.

Loses weight with calcium

It keeps the weight of our body under control and in many circumstances, it also proves useful in reducing fat. We should keep our diet full of “ca” so that our body remains strong. In such a situation, our body gets the energy it needs for proper low hinge, it gets food from it and our body’s fat is also burnt.

what foods are rich in calcium

Heart health with calcium

It keeps our heart healthy. It ensures that the heart muscle is shrinking properly.

Calcium helps us to reduces the risk of colon cancer

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Although It is not directly related to preventing cancer, if experts agree, then they say that people who take a diet that is rich in it are less likely to get colon cancer.

Calcium prevents kidney stones

It is very beneficial for our body’s kidney health. This prevents kidney stones from forming in our body.

Make your strong bones with calcium

It strengthens the spine and also helps to eliminate back pain. It is also very beneficial in reducing the disease of the knee.

Calcium also Controls blood pressure

According to research, a vegetarian diet, which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and fibre, keeps our blood pressure under control.

Loss of calcium

There is no such loss of calcium but there is a tolerable limit of calcium in our body if we take more than this, then we can suffer loss. A normal person should take 1000 – 1300 mg . If you take more than this, there may be a loss. Taking too much can also cause us a heart attack. So according to age, you should take the same amount of calcium, if you take more than that, then there can be a problem.

Sources of calcium

We get it from the following substances

Milk: Milk is a good source of calcium. A glass (about 250 grams) contains 300 – 320 mgs.

what are the sources of calcium

Yogurt: 100 grams of yogurt contains 80 – 90 mg.

what are the sources of calcium

Cheese: 100 grams of cheese contains 200 – 210 mg.

what foods are high in calcium

Almonds: 100 grams of almonds contains 264 mg

what foods are high in calcium

Green leafy vegetables: Vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli. 100 grams of green leafy vegetables contain about 90 – 180 mg.

what is the best source of calcium

Fish: Fish is also a good source. 100 grams of fish contains 15 milligrams.

what is the best source of calcium

Beans: 100 grams of beans contain 113 mg.

what is the best source of calcium

Jaggery: 100 grams of jaggery contains 80 mg of calcium.

calcium rich foods

Soybeans: 100 grams of soybeans contains 277 mg of calcium.

What are calcium, benefits, side effects and sources

How much calcium do we need

We need different amounts of calcium according to age. Let us know in detail at what age we need calcium.

Calcium-Rich Food

  • Calcium-rich foods are green leafy vegetables
  • Almond remedy to eliminate calcium deficiency
  • Cheese for high calcium diet
  • An egg is a good source of calcium
  • Broccoli is a vegetable with calcium
  • High calcium diet is tofu
  • Soy milk is a good source of calcium
  • Seaweed is a good calcium diet
  • Eat sesame seeds in case of calcium deficiency
  • Orange is a fruit with high calcium
  • Dried figs should be eaten for calcium
  • Eat salmon fish due to lack of calcium
  • White beans are a good source of calcium
  • Eat milk and yogurt in how to overcome calcium deficiency

Calcium-rich foods for women

Calcium-rich foods for women

It is very important for us that we get a certain amount of calcium in our diet. Calcium is helpful in keeping bones healthy and is essential for the formation of blood cells. Have you noticed that nowadays many people have started complaining of joint pain and weak bones? It may be that your grandmother or mother too started falling prey to this thing. This happens because we see so much food around us that they forget to eat the things of calcium, or deliberately ignore it. But consuming only calcium-rich food does not work, but our body consumes calcium only when vitamin D is present in our body. When it comes to women, they need double the amount of calcium. Women consume a lot of calcium during their menstrual cycle and childbirth.

In such a situation, women need more calcium. We think that calcium is not found in anything other than milk and cheese. But this is not true at all. In order to change this misconception of yours into reality, we will tell you today that there are 20 types of food items in which calcium is full.

Milk women should drink about 1 glass of milk daily, along with protein powder, so that they get stronger and also meet the need for calcium.

Calcium-rich foods for women

Yogurt Many people are allergic to lactose, so eating curd would be right. Do not add sugar just as much calcium as milk.

sources of calcium

Sardine fish is a very popular fish that contains 33 per cent calcium. Must eat it 1 time a week.

sources of calcium

All types of cheese, whether it is Marmesan or Mozreilla or cheddar, are all rich in calcium.

foods high in calcium

Calcium and iron are found in it as well as fibre is also not reduced.

Green leafy vegetables: All types of leafy vegetables, whether it is spinach or broccoli, are rich in “ca”.

foods high in calcium

Oyster is a “ca” oxalate in all types of seafood, which is bad for men, but this quantity is considered good for women.

calcium rich fruits

Almonds contain vitamin E but the amount of “ca” is 70-80 mg.

Prawns are filled with “ca” until they are not overcooked, otherwise overcooking burns it.

calcium rich foods for bones

Sesame contains 1 glass of it as much as 1 glass of milk.

Brazil nuts This fruit contains 45 grams, besides it also contains a good amount of protein.

calcium rich foods for bones

Hilsa fish It is necessary to consume Hilsa fish to absorb it in the body. It also contains Vitamin D.

calcium rich foods for bones

Herbs There is a lot of “ca” in many dried herbs such as celery, dill and rosemary. We can consume all these in soup and tea etc.

foods that contain calcium

Tofu is made from soybean, which contains a lot of this element.

What are calcium, benefits, side effects and sources

In addition to orange being vitamin C, it also contains a good amount of ca.

Salmon fish This is a marine fish that gets nutrition from saltwater. Try to eat this fish along with its bones because it contains more ca.

best source of calcium

Soy milk does not contain as much “ca” as milk, but 300 mg of “ca” is readily available.

calcium in milk

Oatmeal is obtained by consuming both fibre and “ca”. So women must eat it during breakfast.

calcium food sources

White Beans Eating half a cup of white beans provides up to 100mg of “ca”.

calcium rich vegetables

Argula This is a special type of vegetable that is eaten by adding it to a salad.

calcium rich vegetables

Calcium-rich diet for children

Why calcium is important for children

“ca” is one of the most important minerals during the growing phase of children. All “ca” deposition in bones occurs during the early years of life whereas in the later part of life “ca’ is used only for the maintenance of bones. Therefore calcium-rich recipes for children are necessary to make their bones solid and strong. Sadly, most children are not fond of milk and refuse to drink it. This becomes a major task to increase their mother’s “ca” intake. Most do not know calcium-rich foods other than mother milk.

good sources of calcium

List of Calcium Foods for Children

Other calcium-rich foods include curd, paneer, cheese, ragi, chana dal and rajma, amaranth leaves, arabica leaves (black and green), green leafy vegetables such as drumstick leaves, fenugreek leaves, spinach and radish leaves, almonds, Sesame and Sunflower seeds. Try the homemade almond butter recipe. Must be very latest in making dishes for children. Our collection on “ca” rich recipes for children will relieve you from the headache of thinking about different types of recipes. “ca” recipes made for children should be attractive and packed with other nutrients. Give your children the “ca” they need in the form of delicious dishes that they cannot refuse.

Calcium breakfast recipe for kids

Start giving healthy and “ca” rich recipes to your children from the very beginning of the day. Nachni Paneer Pancake will give a perfect start to your children’s day. Stuffed Moong Sprouts Dosa This is a really healthy alternative to a regular dosa that is also rich in folic acid. Children will enjoy this chocolate peanut butter milkshake a rich source of “ca”, protein, vitamin A, and phosphorus, all of which are essential for children’s development.”ca”

good sources of calcium

When your child is bored with eating the same old vegetarian sandwich for an evening snack, try the creamy spinach toast recipe. Ragi and broccoli cutlets will surely make children enjoy this delicious snack with great pleasure. Vegetables with cheesy pasta will become your kids’ favourite snack of all time and this snack full of vegetables also provides vitamins as per the need.

Calcium Lunch Recipes for Kids

Seeing the lunch cooked by the mother, the children really have to struggle to feed. Children only eat when they are hungry. If you want, you can make Vegetable Rice with Cheese Sauce in which cheese is poured over rice, children will like this dish very much. If your child refuses to eat bread and vegetables, then you should make cheese and spring onion wrap, which children find attractive and they will not refuse to eat.

good sources of calcium

Have to think about what to give as a tiffin snack? Try making this spicy snack with protein and “ca” rich ragi roti paneer, this will definitely be eaten by your child in their tiffin break. Another good option is nachni and onion bread which you can serve with your child’s favourite sauce, ketchup.

In this section, many calcium-rich recipes for such children, which your children will enjoy by eating.

What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body?

Calcium is usually linked only to bone health. “ca” means milk and its products. But is “ca” only needed for your bones?

symptoms of calcium deficiency

It is true that about 90% “ca” in our body is found in bones and teeth. But “ca” is necessary for each of our cells, especially for our nerves, blood, muscles and heart.

According to nutritionist Kavita, its importance can be gauged by the fact that “ca” regulates our heartbeat as well.

Indians take very less calcium than needed

According to a report by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), people in India generally do not take as much “ca” as is necessary to keep the bones of the body healthy.
Adults in India have about half the amount of “ca” needed in their diet. In India, people take only 429 mg of “ca” per day on an average, whereas the body needs 800-1000 mg daily.

If “ca” remains in the body for a long time, it can affect the teeth and brain, increasing the risk of cataract and osteoporosis. If it is not treated, then this condition can also be fatal.

So it is important that you pay attention to some things. As such, there are no symptoms of “ca” deficiency at the initial level. However, as the condition worsens, symptoms also develop.

How is calcium deficiency detected in the body?

Dr Suranjit Chatterjee, the Senior Consultant at Apollo Hospital, says:
The most common symptom of calcium deficiency is the body and joint pain. Along with this, symptoms like weakness, cramps, muscle contractions are seen.

Muscle soreness
Muscle pain, cramps and torsion are early signs of calcium deficiency. People may experience pain in thighs and hands while walking or during any kind of movement. Due to its deficiency, one can also feel numb and shivering around hands, feet and mouth. These symptoms may keep coming.

signs of calcium deficiency

Too tired
People may feel very tired, lethargy, sluggishness and feel that there is a lack of energy. Lack of calcium can be the reason for sleeplessness. Fatigue associated with a “ca” deficiency can also cause dizziness and brain fog, including difficulty focusing, forgetting, and confusion.

calcium can be the reason for sleeplessness

Skin and Nail Symptoms
Lack of “ca” also affects your skin and nails. The skin may become dry and red and itchy. At the same time, due to its lack, nails can become dry and so weak that they themselves start breaking.

calcium affects your skin and nails

Tooth problem
When there is a deficiency of “ca”, then the body can fill it with teeth and bones. This causes tooth problems, such as weak teeth, problems with gums, tooth decay. “ca” deficiency in infants can cause late teeth formation.

deficiency of calcium

Painful premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Calcium deficiency has also been found to be associated with severe PMS. A study in 2017 showed mood improvement by taking 500 mg of “ca” daily for two months. “ca” intake has impacted PMS symptoms in many other studies. Depression, fatigue, and improved appetite were found among those included in the study.

Painful premenstrual syndrome

Osteopenia and osteoporosis
Calcium deficiency can cause osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Osteopenia, in which the mineral density of bones is reduced and due to this the risk of osteoporosis increases. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the density of bones decreases. Bones become so weak and brittle that there is a risk of fracture in bones even after falling, bending or sneezing.

Calcium is stored well in our bones, but for bones to remain strong, an adequate amount of “ca” is required. When there is a deficiency of “ca”, the body replenishes it with bones, due to which the bones start to weaken. Bone density takes years to decrease and it takes time for any serious danger from calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiency risk factors

Most people are at risk of “ca” deficiency as they age. There can be many reasons for this: Not consuming enough “ca” for a long time, especially in childhood. Some medicines, which have reduced the absorption of “ca”. Do not digest foods rich in “ca”. Hormonal changes, especially among women. genetic factors. Therefore, it is important to take care of “ca” intake at all stages of age.

Calcium as per Age

“Ca” has an important role in muscle contractions and neurotransmitter release. If you are seeing neurological symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible.

“ca” levels are detected through blood tests when there is a possibility of calcium deficiency.

Measures to overcome calcium deficiency

The first thing we can do to remove “Ca” deficiency is to include nutritious things in our diet.

The best way to meet the deficiency of “ca” in your body and to balance the “ca” level is to take nutritious things in the diet.

We should include such things in our diet which are rich in calcium.

The most important thing that we have to keep in mind is that we should avoid stress completely. Along with this, we should ignore junk food.

We should get plenty of sleep. If we do not get enough sleep, then the calcium already presents in the body starts spending to give energy to the body and balance many types of activities of the body.

If the “ca” level in your body has fallen to an extent and it is not able to be balanced in any way, then the doctor can help you.

Your doctor may give you “ca”-rich injections, which will help the body overcome “ca” deficiency.

Girls should take special care during menstruation to keep the “ca”levels in their body balanced.

what is calcium

The same thing is also for pregnant women. Pregnant women should take care to include “ca” rich substances in their diet during pregnancy.

In this way, we can see that many types of diseases occur in our body due to the lack of “ca”. We hope that through this article you will have got complete information about the symptoms and prevention of diseases caused by “ca” deficiency.

How much calcium do we need

We need different amounts of calcium according to age. Let us know in detail at what age we need calcium.

The combination of calcium and vitamin D increases the risk of stroke

People often resort to various other supplements, including vitamins, minerals (mineral substances), to meet nutritional deficiencies in the body, but in a recent study, researchers have found that supplements for heart health Are also very dangerous. According to the study published in the health journal ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’, a combination of calcium and vitamin D can increase the risk of stroke.

The author of this study and West Virginia University assistant professor Safiyu Khan said, however, that so far, there is no evidence of health effects from taking vitamin D and calcium separately. Heart diseases may be due to some other reason as well, but our analysis suggests that there is some connection between supplements and heart diseases. He said that supplements instead of reducing the risk of heart diseases further increase, leading to the death of people.

calcium and vitamin D

For this study, researchers collected data from 992,129 participants from all over the world and analyzed it, in which they found that low-salt foods, omega 3 fatty acid supplements, folic acid supplements may be beneficial for some people, but others are other supplements Can damage the body. Irene Mikos of America’s John Hopkins University School of Medicine said people should focus on their diet rather than taking vitamins and supplements to meet the nutritional deficiencies for their bodies. If he takes healthy food in his diet, then surely he will not need to take supplements.

He said that during the study, it was found that the number of young people is the highest among those taking supplements, which is also a matter of concern. He said that presently the lifestyle of the people has changed a lot, due to which people are unable to take a balanced diet and become ill. Many times people resort to supplementation to avoid this, but it can prove extremely fatal for the body. He said that one should avoid using them as much as possible.

Taking vitamin D with calcium can be dangerous

An analysis of data collected from research conducted on about one million people revealed that taking calcium with vitamin D can adversely affect the heart. Due to this, the action of blood clotting increases more than normal and the arteries also become hard. In such a situation, the risk of suffering from stroke also increases manifold. Apart from this, taking vitamin A, B, C, D, E or antioxidants and iron also has no positive effect on heart health.

Many types of diet are also ineffective

A low-fat diet (diet) is suggested to reduce cholesterol in the body and to avoid the risk of heart disease. But Dr Khan and his team found no evidence of a healthy heart by eating less fatty food. Earlier too many experts have ruled out the role of a low-fat diet to keep the heart-healthy. Those struggling with heart disease risk are advised to stay away from butter, meat, cheese etc.

Some supplements are also beneficial


According to researchers, supplementation of folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may be beneficial for heart patients. While folic acid reduces the risk of stroke, omega-3 is helpful in avoiding many heart diseases. Apart from this, a low salt diet is also beneficial for heart patients.

Folic Acid

If you find the information in this article useful, then definitely share it with your friends. If you have any suggestion or you want to ask something, then you can ask by commenting below. And keep reading the blog of our website to get health tips.

Calcium Element

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