Talking to Kids About Sex Education - Sex Education Facts

Talking to Kids About Sex Education – Sex Education Facts


“Children! Today is our *** education class!” Saying this, the teacher picks up the duster and erases the word ‘sex’ written on the blackboard. Only “Education” remains. Pictures of women and men are made on the blackboard and their genitals have been replaced with empty boxes.

A similar scene is from a video made by ‘East India Comedy’. The video paints the sex education system in India in a very funny tone.

But the story does not end here. Examples are still left, my friend!

… and here are 100 % true, real examples:

safe sex education
safe sex education

Why is it dangerous to lie to children about sex?

I used to think that a child is born from the navel of a woman.

When I first came to know how sex actually happens, I was very scared.

There was no such thing as sex education in our school. There was definitely a chapter of ‘reproductive system’ in the tenth, but it was never taught in class.

The list of examples is set!

Child’s question – “Mama, where do children come from?”

Answer- “Son, a beautiful angel comes from the sky and keeps the children near Mama and goes away.”

The child’s question – “Daddy, how did that heroine become pregnant?”

Answer- “Son, the hero kissed the heroine. That’s why she became pregnant.”

sex education
sex education

When we hear such conversations in Indian homes, our ears do not stand up at all because it is quite common.

But how dangerous the outcome of this ‘common conversation’ can be gauged from a Facebook post by Dr Sharda Vinod Kutty.

Sex education for youth

Dr Sharda shared a sentence on Facebook a few days ago, which was something like this:

sex education for boys
sex education for boys

“Today I had a 17-year-old girl. The Girl was from a very poor family. She told me that she had taken iPil (contraceptive medicine) after having sex with her boyfriend. The Girl was very nervous and felt embarrassed in front of me. She was telling me again and again that this is a mistake and it will not happen again.

I kept trying to convince him that there is nothing wrong in doing this. Every person has sex if there is anything important in this matter, then it is safe. We continued our conversation and finally, he told me that he does not really know how sex happens.

He did not even know what a man’s genitalia looks like. After this, I explained everything to him in detail and made a picture showing how sex actually happens. The truth was that the girl had not had sex. He just kissed his boyfriend. The situation of sex education in our state is so bad that she felt that by doing it she will become pregnant.

She even ate contraceptive medicine to stop pregnancy. Just think how we have left our children alone. Think how much better that girl would have felt if she had the right information and if she was living in a society where she was not mistaken. “

This post of Dr Sharda became popular on social media and was shared by more than 1,500 people.

sex education before marriage
sex education before marriage

People get uncomfortable hearing the word sex

Dr Sharda said that if I ask my patients about their ‘sex life’ when they are in need, they often steal their eyes as soon as they hear the word sex. Even married people are unable to talk about it openly.

Dr Sharda believes that there are two big reasons for the mistake of treating sex in the name of sex education in schools and colleges and considering sex as immoral.

To illustrate his point, Dr Sharda shares a part of his school days. He told, “I am from Kerala which is one of the most educated states in India. There also we were not taught about Reproductive System in detail. Not only that, when it came to teaching about pregnancy. So the boys and girls were taken to separate rooms. “

That is, sex and pregnancy are considered topics about which boys and girls cannot be talked together.

Dr Sharda says, “It is such a great irony that the two groups which are an important part of the process of sex, are being taken apart and given.”

Coming to the second reason, Dr Sharada says, “I am over 30 years old and my mother still tries to control my sex life because I am not married and because of this, I have seen sex with morality. Have to go. “

Safe sex education

That is, the second reason for not talking about sex is to be believed that after marriage, it can be thought of only after lighting the lights in closed rooms.

This is the reason that most teachers in schools hesitate to give correct and detailed information to children. Teachers have neither got training to teach such sensitive and important subjects nor do they come from outside this society.

Of course, they also see things with the same glasses as the rest of the people.

sex education before marriage
sex education before marriage

Sex Education: Experiences and Flaws

I did not get the first information about sex from school. As far as I remember I had read about sex in some magazines. After this, perhaps a friend of mine in eighth or ninth class told me how sex happens. I remember I was horrified to hear all this.

If we talk about school, in class X, we were taught that chapter in the class of Biology. Whatever is written about sex in the book is written in very difficult and technical language.

sex education in primary schools
sex education in primary schools

Sex education in schools

It is a biological process whereby a person is dominant in his real life, but in school, it is taught something like Haldighati and the Battle of Plassey. Such that just kill and write the answers to some questions in the exam. You will never be brought up by this in real life.

I think the reason for this hesitation about sex is our social and cultural structure. In Indian families, children are raised as insecure. Parents behave as if their children are not ordinary human beings nor do they have any sexual feelings. Forget sex, we don’t even talk about menstruation in our homes!

Therefore, there is never any talk about it. Then one day suddenly the same parents get the sons and daughters married to a stranger and hope that they get grandchildren to the next year of marriage.

How contradictory this is in itself! Do we ever wonder how our children will know about sex? Will you get the right information also?

sex education for children
sex education for children

Children will be safe from telling about sex

Deepti Mirani, who works for ‘Parvarish’, an organization working for children and adolescents, also believes that there are many misconceptions about sex among children and adolescents.

She is the project head of ‘Aao Baat Kare’, a sexual literacy program of ‘Parvarish’ and her team goes to schools to provide sex education to children. Deepti believes that whatever little sex education is found in school books is not according to their age.

sex education in schools
sex education in schools

Deepti said, “Books about reproduction systems and menstruation are told in the seventh-eighth grade, whereas in reality by this age children have seen many things, gone through many things.”

She says, “We go to both government and private schools and believe that there are countless questions about sex in every school, children coming from all sections of society. They don’t know about their safety. , They don’t know about sexual infection, they don’t know about consent, they don’t know about homosexuality and they don’t know that girls The boys are also victims of sexual abuse. “

The elders feel that if they give the right information about sex to the children, then they will join the sexual activity without fear.

But Deepti has an argument in its favour. She says, “They will be involved in sexual activity even when they do not have the right information. They will at least be safe if they have the right information.”

sex education for kids
sex education for kids

As soon as possible, get sex education

Nupur Rastogi, who is pursuing an MA in Education from Azim Premji University, believes that sex education should have been started for children from fifth-sixth grade.

N. Rastogi also has experience of teaching in schools and she tells from this experience that nowadays media, films and internet are easily accessible to children, so they know a lot in advance.

Nupur says, “Children see condoms and contraceptive advertisements on TV, what they see people doing in movies, a lot on the Internet too. So questions are already present in their minds. Is that their questions be answered correctly. “

Nupur believes that after teaching the children in the nursery about ‘good touch and bad touch’ and children studying in the fifth-sixth period about menstruation, it can be gradually increased towards sex education.

sex education for women
sex education for women

Risk of incomplete and incorrect information about sex

As a result of the communication gap among children and elders, it is that they get first information about sex from sources from where they should not be found at all. For example, half-baked friends, adult magazine or porn videos.

If we talk about porn, it is quite violent and impractical in itself. There is a difference between ground and sky between the sex shown in real life and porn. By learning the lesson of sex from porn, we feel that we can do everything that is being shown there.

We do not know that a large part of it is fake and absurd. This not only affects our sex life negatively but also increases the possibility of sexual offences.

In the absence of misinformation and emotional support, children and adolescents often fall alone and this results in various forms ranging from depression to guilt.

There is always a danger of unwanted pregnancy, sexual exploitation and sexually transmitted diseases.

sex education for youth
sex education for youth

How will the sex rush end?

Sex should be seen as a natural and normal activity. This is a process that every human being needs. This should be linked to morality and immorality.

Sex is the thing for elders to do, so children and teenagers should not know about it, this thinking needs to be finished.

Before sex education, there is a need to resolve the relationship between boys and girls but also humans. Boys and girls should be seated in separate classrooms and seated on separate benches.

Boys and girls should be included together in every conversation about ‘good touch-bad touch’, menstruation, body changes, sex and safe sex.

In schools, children should be introduced to very basic human emotions like love and attraction. Parents should not shy away from embracing each other in front of children or expressing love to each other. This will avoid making misconceptions about human relationships in the minds of children.

sex education in high schools
sex education in high schools

In view of changing times, sex education should be started in schools soon. Book language should be made easier and teachers should also be specially trained to teach such subjects.

Along with sex education, children should be told about their safety, consent, sexually transmitted diseases and means of safe sex. When told about emergency pills, do not forget to tell about their side effects as well.

Sex is not only between men and women, but children should also be told about sexuality and gender diversity separately. They should also be told about homosexuality and sexuality.

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