Microsoft may achieve its 1 billion devices targets by 2020

Microsoft may achieve its 1 billion devices targets by 2020


Microsoft set to achieve its 1 billion devices target by 2020.

Windows 10, the most widely used system worldwide, will be running successfully on 1 billion devices by 2020.

Microsoft 1 billion Windows 10 devices
Microsoft 1 billion Windows 10 devices

Microsoft devices windows 1 billion device news

Software giant Microsoft today revealed that Windows 10 is running on more than 900 million devices. That the speed at which Windows 10 has grown in popularity. The Microsoft company will soon meet its target of 1 billion devices by the next.

Earlier this year, the number of devices running on Windows 10 was 800 million and crossing the 900 million mark. Before the end of the year are a big leap and a significant success.

Microsoft says, “We have brought Windows 10 back in 2015. So Windows 10 has installed on more devices in the last 12 months than in previous years. This figure includes PCs, laptops, tablets and even devices such as Holoens and Xbox One. ”

Microsoft stop Windows 7 support end date 2020

The use of Windows 10 clearly indicates that the use of Windows 7 has reduced a lot. Microsoft plans to drop Windows 7 support from January 2020 and move all business to Windows 10 itself.

Microsoft crossed the 900 million mark, just six months. After it crossed the 800 million mark, and if it continues to upgrade Windows 10. Amazing figures such as 1 billion in the next six months Can surpass

Microsoft first crossed Windows 10 to run 700 million devices in September 2018. Followed by 800 million in March 2019 and now 900 million in September 2019.

Windows 10 also surpassed the popularity of Windows 7 earlier this year. A sign that people are moving away from Microsoft’s popular desktop operating system.

Microsoft Soon completes their 1 billion devices target soon in near 2020. Microsoft is a growing company. They have started their work very hard and captured all over the world. I hope 80 per cent of peoples is using Microsoft products. This will help Microsoft achieve its goal.

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