Lander Vikram Found, lying in tilted position on the moon surface
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Lander Vikram Found, lying in tilted position on the moon surface


Chandrayaan 2: There is a lot of good news about Chandrayaan-2. An ISRO official associated with Moon Mission said that Vikram Lander is lying close to the predetermined place and he has not suffered any damage. Let us know that earlier on Sunday, ISRO chief K.K. about Chandrayaan-2 mission (Chandrayaan 2). Sivan (K Sivan) gave a piece of very important information on Sunday. He told that the Orbiter has found Vikram Lander. The orbiter also took a thermal image of the lander, but the orbiter could not get any contact with him. Now the ISRO official said that Vikram has made a hard landing and the pictures sent by the camera of the orbiter shows that he is lying close to the designated site. Vikram is not broken and his entire part is also safe.

Explain that in the last moments of ‘soft landing’ attempt on Saturday, Vikram lost contact with ISRO’s control room when it was at a height of 2.1 km from the lunar surface. There is also a rover named ‘Pragyan’ inside the lander. An ISRO official associated with the mission said on Monday, “According to the photographs sent from the orbiter’s camera, it was a ‘hard landing’ very close to the designated place. The lander is there, its pieces are not broken. He is in a leaning position. The official said, “We are doing everything possible to establish contact with the lander.”

The ISRO official said, ‘The orbiter has enough fuel. We did not face any error until the orbit entered the moon’s orbit. Excess fuel was not used at all. Everything went according to plan. We have extra fuel (in the orbiter). Another official of the space agency said, “GSLV-Mark… Because of the superb performance of the (who launched the spacecraft) and excellent mission management, we have enough fuel to keep it (orbiter) going forward for seven years.

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 ISRO explained the reason – why Chandrayaan-2 lander ‘Vikram’ could not be on the moon ‘soft landing’

Lander Vikram, India’s moon lander, lost contact with ISRO when he was just 2.1 kilometres from the lunar surface. Meanwhile, ISRO chief K. Chandrayaan 2. Sivan (K Sivan) gave very important information on Sunday. He told that the orbiter has found Vikram Lander. The orbiter has also taken a thermal image of the lander, but the orbiter could not get any contact with it. Talking to news agency ANI, ISRO chief gave this information. He said, ‘The orbiter has found Vikram Lander. He has also taken a thermal image of the lander, but the orbiter could not get any contact with him. We are trying to establish contacts. Soon he will be contacted.

ISRO announcement about vikram lander and orbiter
ISRO announcement about Vikram lander and orbiter

Will ‘Vikram’ send any message, how much hope remains?

Meanwhile, a top ISRO official told what would have happened on the moon at that time, due to which Lander Vikram lost contact with ISRO at that time. He said that Vikram’s ‘hard landing’ on the lunar surface made it difficult to reconnect, as it would not have landed effortlessly and with his four legs. He said that the shaking caused by hitting the lunar surface would have damaged the lander. The lander was designed for a ‘soft landing’ on Earth’s natural satellite (the Moon) and to work on a lunar day (equivalent to about 14 days of Earth).


What US said about Chandrayaan 2

ISRO also said that accurate launch and excellent mission management have ensured the life of the orbiter to be around seven years instead of the prescribed one year. The space agency, without being affected by the lander ‘Vikram’ losing contact with the ground station, said that 90-95 per cent of the objectives of the ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission has been completed, which will continue to help lunar science.

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Will the Chandrayaan-2 mission be successful? ISRO has options after finding Vikram Lander on Moon

  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief K.K. Sivan said on Sunday that Chandrayaan-2 lander ‘Vikram’ has been detected on the lunar surface. On the question of whether he was harmed due to ‘hard landing’, Sivan said, “We don’t know anything about it yet.” He said that efforts are on to contact the ‘Vikram’ module. However, the lander has not been contacted yet. Let me tell you, the mission of ‘soft landing’ of Chandrayaan-2 Vikram Lander on the lunar surface by Indian Space Agency ISRO was not completed as per its planned plan on Saturday. The process of unloading the lander on the moon’s surface started at around 1:38 pm on Friday, but it lost contact with the ground station at an altitude of 2.1 km while coming down on the moon. According to ISRO officials, the orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 is completely safe and accurate. Now read in five points, what has happened in it so far and what can happen next?
  • ISRO scientists are still trying to contact the orbiter with the lander Vikrami. The ISRO chief also said that he would keep trying to contact the lander. However, so far no response has been received for the number of signals sent by the orbiter.
  • Experts believe that even if contact with Vikram Lander is established, it will not last long.
  • He said that 90 to 95 per cent of the mission’s goals will be achieved if the orbiter works properly. Lele said that the orbiter’s planned duration of work is more than a year, so he would keep sending data while the rover was only experimenting for one moon day. One moon day equals 14 days of the Earth.
  • Former ISRO scientist S. Nambi Narayanan said that the next challenge is to establish contact with the lander. He said that it is less likely to reconnect because the lender may have made a crash landing
Chandrayaan 2 Lander and Rover
Chandrayaan 2 Lander and Rover

What happened till now?

On 22 July, ISRO launched Chandrayaan-2 rocket GSLV-Mark called ‘Bahubali’. Its launch was postponed on 15 July after the rocket detected a technical flaw.

On July 26, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has said that ‘Chandrayaan 2’ has been pushed into its orbit for the second time so that it reached closer to the moon. This was done by sending instructions from the earth.

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On August 4, the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO) released the first set of pictures of Earth taken from ‘Chandrayaan 2’. These pictures were taken with the L14 camera mounted on Chandrayaan 2. These pictures show the Earth in various forms.

On 20 August, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully installed Chandrayaan 2 into the lunar orbit on Tuesday, achieving a major achievement. ISRO had said that ‘this entire process was 1,738 seconds and with it, Chandrayaan 2 was successfully placed in the lunar orbit.’

On 2 September, the ‘Vikram’ lander of Chandrayaan-2 was successfully separated from the orbiter.

On September 7, India’s bold move to make a soft landing on the lunar surface suffered a setback when Chandrayaan-2 lander ‘Vikram’ lost contact at a height of just 2.1 km from the lunar surface.

ISRO official said Chandrayaan-2 will not have any effect on manned mission ‘Gaganyaan’

Earlier, ISRO Chairman K.K. Sivan also said on Saturday that the Indian space agency would try for 14 days to contact the lender. He repeated this thing once after getting the picture of the lander on Sunday. An officer of the space agency said, “Unless everything (in the lander) is correct, it is very difficult (to re-establish contact).” The possibilities are slim. The connection can be established only if a ‘soft landing’ has taken place and all systems are working.

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