Is Delhi a crime Capital Of India?

Is Delhi a crime Capital Of India?


Delhi Crime: Delhi a very beautiful place in India. It is a big metro city in India. There are lots of historical place in Delhi. It is the capital of India. We all know about Delhi. It has a good background in history. It has placed a big role in history that why many historians called it Indraprastha. But are you thinking like me? Is Delhi deserve the capital of India.

In my opinion, Delhi is a crime city in India. Every day a lot of crime is happening in Delhi. Took any newspaper and see lots of crime. If we talk about Delhi crime rate 2018. A lot of murder, theft and many more incident happened in Delhi.

Delhi Crime Capital
Delhi Crime Capital

Delhi Crime Rate

Despite the lakhs of efforts of Delhi Police, murder cases in the capital have increased faster in 2019 than in 2018. If we look at the data available till 15 June 2019 of Delhi Police, it will be found that till June 15, 2019, there have been a total of 233 murders in the capital, while in the same period in 2018, there were 223 murders. This means that 10 murders have been done so far compared to last year.

While efforts are being made to make people aware, there is a change in the way of committing the crime. In most of the killings in Delhi, it can be seen that they are behind that murder. There is either a family member or a known friend, neighbour, relative or close friend.

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Property Crimes Viznomic
Property Crimes Viznomic

If we take for example, on June 13-14 in Delhi, 5 murders took place in different incidents within 12 hours. On June 22-23, there were 9 murders within 24 hours. In many of these cases, the family or someone close was involved.

The figures as of June 15, other than the assassination in 2019,
Events – 2019 201820192018
Assassination attempt218258
Kidnapping for ransom713
Total Crime22542545

Is Delhi Police responsible for Crime?

Here we are talking about the Delhi police. Is police doing their duty? Then you will found the answer. I already know that many people say “NO”. Delhi Police is not doing their duty honestly. But you know why they are not doing this duty honestly.

In my opinion, If a person gave 10-20 Lakh for this job. Then every time they thought that how they can recover that amount which they have given for joining this job. That way they are corrupted. In India, you can’t get a job only on your study or hard work. You need a high approach or a big bribe. So, how they will do their duty in a proper manner. Police always stop you when something happens, they don’t have guts to stop a criminal. Because they are under fear. They thought that if we will arrest a criminal that he can do something in future. I mean they want to secure their family. But they forgot what is a policeman duty.

Crime rate comparison 2015-2016
Crime rate comparison 2015-2016

Delhi Crime Real Incident

Here I tell you one incident happened to me. Last year, Me and my brother coming from the District Park (Every area has a big park called district park). It was around 6 O’clock time. When we are on the way, Three-person comes on a bike. And they hit me with the bike. I felt on the ground. The bike rider runs their bike and stops on my leg. I was on the ground.

They have a big knife and two pistols. They target me with a gun and said gave your wallet and mobile. I give him because I saw them. They are looking that they have taken any drugs or something else. Because their eyes are literally red and half-open. So, I gave him my wallet and mobile. One boy said hit him with a gun because they will go to the police. I request him, you have to take my wallet and mobile but don’t fire. Then they saw a car is coming and they run away.

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“Delhi Crime”

You will be shocked when you come to know that this incident happened in front of the police station named “K N Katju Marg Rohini”. We go to the police and tell them about this situation. Policemen take approx 2 hours because they are discussing that this side road comes to their police station and the other side road come under another police station. Finally, they have discided that that side road come under another police station.

A policeman came with their own car ( Maruti Swift Dzire) and said sit in the car. He took us the incident place and said don’t write a complaint because that boys are criminals. If you write a complaint they can murder you in future. I said him, they took my whole documents and money. Then he said I write a complaint that you have lost your documents and you make a duplicate with this FIR copy. But don’t write that you have robbed by someones. I thought if a policeman saying this thing then it is a possibility they know who they are. They will not arrest them. They give my address to the robbers. So, I told him OK.

This is not about me, If you see around you then this thing has happened with lots of people. Even you can’t decide that Police is with you or they are supporting the criminals.

Politics about Delhi Crime

The crime situation in Delhi is also worrying because the police system here is directly in the hands of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Delhi Police Center is accountable. At the same time, the increase in crime in the capital of the country is not good for the image of the country.

Police are not only the reason for the crime rate. Our politics is also the same responsibility for this. Because they support criminally minded people. I will not specify any party or person here. In my opinion, all are the Politician are same. Our government don’t have that much right that they can make a hard rule about the crime that has criminal have done this type of crime.

Delhi Crime Percentage

This became the main reason for the murder:

  • Murder during crime 11 (per cent)
  • Suddenly Angry Murder 21
  • Murder in Tashan show 11
  • Murder in Revenge 38
  • Other reason 19

Every politician fight for the election with other issues like poverty, utility bills etc. But no one said they can finish the crime from your city. No one thinking that they are secure in the Capital of India. You took a high amount of house in this big city. You thought you will get high education, job and many things in this metro city. But no one is thinking that you will get a big crime in this big city.

Murder weapon

  • Sharp weapons 43 (per cent)
  • shot dead 19
  • Choking Killing 14
  • Killing by adding flammable substances 1.2
  • Killing with a heavy object 16
  • Other weapons 5

You can see the Delhi crime rate in the below charts.

Delhi Ranking No. 1 in crime rate
Delhi Ranking No. 1 in crime rate

Know what was the condition of the year 2018

Delhi Crime rate 2018
Delhi Crime rate of 2018

If we talk about 2018, 477 people were killed in Delhi in 2018 as compared to 462 in the year 2017. Of these, the highest 38 per cent of people lost their lives due to one or the other rivalry. The Delhi Police is claiming to have solved 86.16 murder cases. Talking about the weapon used in the murder, 43 per cent of the people were murdered with sharp weapons, while in 19 per cent cases people were shot.

A ZEENEWS Channel Report about crime in Delhi

What do you think about this big metro city? Is your city is safe or you are facing this kind of problem? What do you think about Delhi? How we can make Delhi secure and safe for our future generations.

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