How Facebook Addiction is Damaging

How Facebook Addiction is Damaging


Have you ever vowed that anything happens now, stay away from Facebook? And, not even a week passed, swearing that you open your Facebook page and sit down again? Read this Full Article & you will be aware of Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction articles

If the answers to both these questions are ‘yes’ then one thing is certain that you are not alone. The number of people who break such Facebook vows is very high. Researchers at Cornell University found that there are four reasons why Facebook vows not to touch hands repeatedly.

Eric Bommer, who led the research, said the first reason is perceived addiction. Those who feel that they are addicted to Facebook or are in the habit of Facebook, they swear not to use Facebook the most and return to it.

Facebook disorder
Facebook disorder

How common is facebook addiction

One participant in the study clarified this aspect of habit, saying that whenever I opened the internet in the first 10 days of the decision not to use Facebook, my hand automatically moved towards the letter ‘F’.

The second reason is privacy and surveillance. Those who feel that their Facebook page is being monitored, tend to return less towards it. Those who have a desire to know what people think of them come back on Facebook in greater numbers.

Facebook addiction an emerging problem

Researchers pointed out that the third reason is the person’s state of mind. If the mood is good, then it is difficult to break the vow of not using Facebook. Research also found that those who have other social sites like Twitter, rarely return to Facebook.

Those who know better ways to use technology in social life are also a large number of those who return to Facebook. They remove some apps from their phones, decide whether to make more than a certain number of ‘friends’ or decide that they will spend some special time on Facebook.

Facebook compulsion
Facebook compulsion

Facebook addiction effects

The survey was conducted by Holland’s agency ‘Just’ and included 5000 people under its purview. The data of the survey was made available by 99, which urged participants to stay away from Facebook for 99 days. This data was then shared with Cornell’s research team.

You have often seen such publicity on social media that in 10 days, get rid of the addiction of Facebook and WhatsApp. But now it has come true. The AIIMS National Addiction Treatment Center has launched it to get rid of Internet addiction. Training is being given to relieve this dangerous addiction at the headquarters in Ghaziabad and counselling classes are being taken for this at AIIMS Delhi.

Facebook is the second most visited site in the world… (the first is Google).

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Facebook Over-use

Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire in the world who made it, never thought that it would become so popular so soon. In fact, if you are not on Fb then people look at you with surprise.

Today there are 1 billion + registered users on Fb, that is, every seventh person in the world is on Fb and in all probability, you will also be one of them. And must be using Fb with hobbies. But the thing to think about is whether you use Fb; Do overuse… or else you addict it!

Using say means you give less than 1 hour daily on Fb, and overuse means more than 1 hour. And yes, using it does not just mean that you use it in front of the physical system or taking your smartphone in hand even if you think about Fb, it will also count in time usage after all that long. For, your mind is occupying space.

Facebook effects
Facebook effects

Facebook addiction disorder

  • And if you are thinking that if I am not addicted then look at these traits, if they are in you then you can be an addict:
  • Your mind often keeps thinking about what comments must have been made on your posted things, how many people have liked it.
  • You repeatedly refresh the Facebook screen without meaning that something new appears.
  • If your internet does not run for a while, then you go to the cyber cafe to check updates or call a friend and ask.
  • You also carry a mobile or laptop in the toilet so that Fb can be used
  • You go to sleep every night before going to sleep and first of all, wake up in the morning to see what reactions have come on your good night.
  • Now I tell you about my usage, on an average I use Fb less than 10 minutes daily including the time to think about Fb. Yes, you can also call it under usage. 🙂 In my opinion, Ideal Fb should not be used more than half an hour but still, I have kept over usage above 1 hour.
Facebook weakness
Facebook weakness

And now let’s talk about you, how long do you use Fb?

Well, if this daily is more than 1/2 hour then you are wasting your time unless you are doing it purposefully. Purposefully means you are promoting your business, running a campaign for a social cause or doing some other meaningful work, it is worth giving your time in these cases.

What kind of people use Fb more than necessary:

In my opinion:

• Those who have no meaningful goal …… the wanderers

• People who want to attract attention… .the attention seekers.

• Those who are interested in the lives of others more than their lives… ..the peepers

Facebook addiction effects
Facebook addiction effects

What can harm Facebook over usage?

Its list is very long but today I am sharing 7 such points with you, so let’s see them:

How to kick facebook addiction

Do you unknowingly give control of your happiness to others?

how? Actually now your happiness starts to depend on how many people like your words on Fb, your pics, how many people are commenting on it… how are they making comments… etc. For instance, you took a new watch and posted a photo of it… obviously you loved the watch so you took… but when Fb does not like it more people and someone makes fun of him then you are sad. And the opposite is also true… you do not like anything but the rest of the people call it good then you become happy… so in a way you give control of your happiness to your Fb friends. I do not say that this happens to everyone, but it is so important that we are influenced by these things somewhere.

And over a long period of time, these small effects get bigger and we do not even know where we left our real self.

Facebook addiction
Facebook addiction

Do you see the blessings of others and your shortcomings?

On Fb people generally, share only good things of their life… People tell good things happening with them, their status is like “My new machine”, “Lost in London” .. etc

In reality, you do the same, but inside you also know your reality, but in the case of others, you see what they show you, you see their new car but not the EMI that comes with it, You see the swanky office of a friend but not the tension that comes with it. And when this happens, you start comparing their happiness with their sorrows and ultimately feel low.

Due to Fb, the number of people going into depression is increasing day by day, just beware that you too should not fall prey to it.

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Real friends and relationships suffer

Many times people are very proudly saying, “I have 500 friends on Fb…” I am sure if half of them go through the front, they will not even recognize them. In reality, our friends on Fb are less and acquaintances are more. Well, this is not a bad thing… but if we give more time than necessary to these more or less fake relations, then somewhere we compromise the time we should give to our family and friends. I know our close friends and relations are also on Fb, but on frankly speaking Fb they also become like common people to us, because Fb is like a crowd… and the crowd has no face…. Had… like done, commented and moved on…. It is not in the soul of Fb to pay attention to individual people.

You mainly communicate with addicts

Perhaps you have heard about the Pareto principle… This principle says that 20% of things are responsible for 80% of things.

For eg. 80% of sales of a company are due to 20% of the customers.

The same thing happens on Fb… 80% of updates are done by 20% of people… and you keep linking to them again and again… and basically these are the same addict kind of people who just stick to Fb. Interacting with such people can rarely tell you the things about work. This is mostly a waste of time.

Facebook habit
Facebook habit

You get the illusion of being socially active and the reality is the opposite

Due to being on Facebook, many people think of themselves as socially active, and by en-bye friends, they fully understand their role. Gradually it becomes absolutely mechanical… You do hi on Fb but do not react when you meet the same friend in college or office… It is like your online presence matters but your own presence is meaningless.

And when you behave like this, people start avoiding you and somewhere you think you are fake. That is, you feel that you are in the most touch, but on the contrary, you lose your touch.

Your health is affected

Being on Fb can cause you both physical and mental problems. Your eyes may be weak, you may develop spondylitis by sitting in the wrong posture. And there is always a danger of going into depression.

You spend the most energetic days of your life in lazy entertainment:

If you see the demography of those who use Fb, then most of the young people of teens and twenties use it. If you are outside this age group, then this point is not applicable to you.

Teenage and twenties is the time of life when there is no shortage of energy in you… Ever wondered why God gives you the most energy at this time… because these are our life making years…. There is a lot to happen… ..the challenge of taking the burden of studies or the responsibility of home… the challenge of choosing your career and beating the competition… listening to your heart and wanting to do something… instead of spreading your hand in front of parents Naka hand pause that stubborn … and it requires energy to all … should energy, But unfortunately, those who overuse Fb invest it in the wrong place. Where they have so many important things to do, they sit in a corner, and lie in most of the cases… They spend these energetic days of their life in the most unproductive thing.

Facebook addiction disorder treatment

Addiction affects brain

Dr Rakesh Lal, appointed as an Acharya at the National Addiction Treatment Center, said that the addiction of Internet has a direct effect on the brain. With this, the victims of this addiction become irritable, angry and lazy. Due to this their personal and social life is affected. People of this addiction prefer to be alone and stay busy on the Internet for maximum time. If for some reason they have to withdraw from the internet, not only does their mood deteriorate but they also have anger attacks. While away from the Internet, the victim suddenly sweats profusely and feels that he will faint now.

Addiction is of many levels

According to Dr Lal, the addition of the Internet and social media is of many levels, like other additions. This addiction can be easily eradicated in the initial stages, but the more time it gets, the harder it becomes to get rid of addiction. Children and teenagers are falling prey to this addiction. The level of addiction is more or less among the youth. This addiction occurs amidst depression, loneliness and attempts to alleviate any suffering. The victim spends more time on the internet and does not know when he has become its addict. The passion of youth is constantly increasing on social media, which is driving them towards this addiction. Dr Lal said that counselling sessions are held on Saturday in Addiction Treatment Center in Delhi AIIMS where doctors trained from Ghaziabad headquarters treat Addicts.

Worse than alcohol

Dr Lal says that it is still easy to get rid of alcohol addiction, but it is very difficult to get rid of Internet addiction. The victims of this addiction begin to fantasize and accept the content on the net as true. Such people also believe that what comes on social media is completely correct and they also behave accordingly.

Final Word about Facebook Addiction

Friends Finally, I would like to say that Fb is like a noisy mall… It would be nice to spend a little time here, but if you start living there, your life will become deaf in the noise of others. Do not let him become deaf…. Put your time into doing something big, something valuable, something fantastic and when you do this, not only your friends but the whole world will like this work, and will give the above comment, ” gr8 job my son ”

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