Find your lost mobile phone with Google Account

Find your lost mobile phone with Google Account


Today Question is How to find your phone lost Mobile Phone? Are you afraid of losing your smartphone? Many times the handset remains afraid of being stolen. In such a situation, the most important thing for you will be to activate the tracking system on the phone.

Everyone is afraid of losing their smartphone. Are you also worried about the fear of losing your smartphone? It is not just about losing, sometimes there is a fear of stolen handsets. Now the question is what to do with this fear? In such a situation, it will be most important that the tracking system is activated on the phone. Your phone must be connected to the Internet to track. Whether the connection is Wi-Fi or mobile Internet. Apart from this, Google account is also most important for tracking Android devices.

How can i track my phone
How can i track my phone

People ask these questions after the loss of their phone

  • Track my phone for free online
  • Find my phone android
  • How to Find my lost phone
  • Find my phone google
  • Find my phone by number
  • How to Find my phone location by number
  • Find my phone Samsung
  • Find my phone iPhone
  • How can I track my phone?

Today you will get all these question answers

find my lost phone
find my lost phone

Track my phone for free online

Nowadays people’s life is reduced to a smartphone. Through smartphones, you do your important tasks sitting anywhere. Along with this, many important data and documents are also saved in the smartphone, which is very important for you.

But no one knows when someone’s Android mobile phone goes missing and when it gets stolen. In such a situation, your phone can be lost or stolen. We have brought a solution to your problem in our news. Android mobile users directly link to Google account, so Google’s help can be taken.

Special features are also provided for it in all Android mobiles. You should take these steps immediately if a smartphone is lost or stolen. We are telling you some easy ways through which you can find your lost Android phone.

How to Locate Phone through Google

Most Android phones come with built-in find my device feature to date. Earlier it was known as Android Device Manager. This feature automatically tracks the location of your phone (Track Android Phone). If you lose your phone next time, open the laptop directly or take a friend’s phone and learn about the last location of your phone. You can also ring the phone if you want. If you are afraid of data theft, then you can lock the phone, or delete all the data.

find my phone iphone
find my phone iPhone

Find my phone android

You can search the phone with these steps

  • First of all, you have to go to on your computer.
  • Log in with your email id as soon as the website opens. Keep in mind that this email ID should be one that is registered or connected to your phone.
  • Your phone’s location will start appearing on Google Map as soon as you log in.
  • Once the phone’s location is found on ‘Find my phone’, you can play the ring of the smartphone. It is not necessary that your SIM is in the phone and you call that number. For this, you have to click on the ‘Play Sound’ option shown on the existing Google page. After this, even if the device is on silent or vibration, it will start playing in full volume and it will continue to sound for the next five minutes. In such a situation, you will get a mobile phone when it is around.
  • However, the idea of ​​always ringing on a lost phone is not good.
  • Instead, you can lock your device with Google Find my phone. For this, you will have to follow these steps after searching and selecting the phone as mentioned earlier.
  • You need to click on ‘Enable lock & erase’.
  • With this, you will be able to lock the device with PIN, pattern or password. If there is no lock-in your phone then from here you can also set it.
find my phone google
find my phone google

Find my phone Samsung

  • Not only this, someone can return your phone so you can also set a message or your number on the lock screen.
  • If you select ‘Erase’ then all the data of your device’s internal storage will be deleted. However, the data on the SD card will not be deleted and after doing so, Find my phone will not work on this device. Keep in mind that use Erase as the last option.
  • Whereas, under the third option, data can be deleted from the device.
  • This way, if you are unable to find the phone again, at least you can save your personal information from being leaked.

Note: Find my phone works only if your lost smartphone is connected to the Internet. In such a situation, these features do not work when the phone is switched off or net off.

find my phone google

How to activate Find My device on the phone

The Find My Device service already exists in the Settings app on new Android phones. If not, you can always download the Find My Device app from the Google Play Store. This feature is connected to Google in such a way that it becomes easy for the user to search for any phone. You have to do all these things to use this feature.

  1. Go to Settings, then tap on Security.
  2. Then tap on Device (Phone) Administration.
  3. Activate Find My Device on it. Now return to the previous page using the back button on the screen.
  4. Then use the back button again and return to the main settings page.
  5. Now tap on Location in Settings. Turn on the location using the switch shown next to the location here.
  6. Then tap on Mode.
  7. Select high accuracy here. Now back again by tapping the back button.
  8. Now tap on Google Location History. First of all, turn on its switch.
  9. Turn on the switch next to the device name on the same page.

How to search phone through Google

If you lose your phone then you can know the location of the phone by logging in with your Google account from any computer. For this, any other handset can also be used.

  1. Launch the web browser on a phone, tablet or computer.
  2. If the default page is Google, that’s good. If not, go to Google’s page.
  3. Now type Find My Phone in the Google search bar.
  4. You will get the option of Find My Device. This option usually comes first in the search bar.
  5. Now enter your email address here and then use the password.

Your phone will be like a locket. You will have three options to choose from.

  • These things are necessary to find your lost Android phone
  • Your lost phone can be found only when it is on. It is necessary to have your Google Account ie G-mail login in the phone.
  • Your phone should be connected via mobile data or Wi-Fi or some other Internet medium.
  • Keep in mind that GPS is kept on your phone so that the location of the phone can be detected.
  • It is necessary to have to Find My Device on the phone.
  • Search Find my phone in Google on another smartphone or computer.
  • Here you have to log in to your Google account. Keep in mind that your phone should also be logged in from the same account.
  • Google will then show the last seen location of your smartphone.

How can I track my phone

  1. If you have placed the phone somewhere in the house and are unable to find it, then choose the option of Ring your phone. When you do this, your phone will start to sound. Please tell that if the phone is silent then it will ring.
  2. You can lock your phone if you want. By doing this, you will be able to prevent your phone from using any unwanted person’s home screen. This feature is very effective for those who have not previously protected the phone with a passcode or fingerprint sensor.
  3. Use the option of Erase your phone only when you feel that you will not get the phone back. By using this option, all the data on your phone will disappear.

Find my phone android

If you are not able to locate your phone through Find My Device, then one of the reasons may be the internet connection. Your phone may not be connected to Wi-Fi or networks. In such a situation, you have been trying again and again. As soon as the phone is connected to the network. It will appear on the map.

Searching for lost smartphone is very easy, immediately Google will track the location

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