WiFi 6 Faster data rate and low latency has launched [Offical]
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WiFi 6 Faster data rate and low latency has launched


Finally, the much-awaited WiFi 6 has been launched. In this, you are going to get features like Faster Data Rate as well as low latency.

Yesterday, the Wi-Fi Alliance officially launched its WiFi 6 certification program. Wi-Fi 6 was unveiled in October last year. Which is also known as 802.11ax.

The company also claimed that “Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 will improve connectivity, providing good connectivity in high-density locations and IoT environments.”

Wifi 6 & Wifi 5 Comparison
Wifi 6 & Wifi 5 Comparison

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is that the next generation customary in wireless local area network technology. Wi-Fi-6 additionally called “AX Wi-fi” or “802.11ax. WiFi” builds and improves on this 802.11ac wireless local area network customary. Wi-Fi 6 was originally an in-built response to the growing variety of devices within the world.

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If you own a VR device, multiple sensible home devices, or just have an outsized variety of devices in your unit. Then a Wi-Fi 6 router may simply be the most effective wireless local area network router for you. during this guide. We’ll reconsider Wi-Fi 6 routers and break down however they’re quicker, increase potency, and area unit higher at transferring knowledge than previous generations.

Connect More Devices with Wifi 6
Connect More Devices with Wifi 6

Wi-Fi Alliance has started its Wi-Fi 6 certification program officially. And there is also news that most of the new smartphones, routers and other wireless devices. That will be released in the coming weeks and months will be Wi-Fi 6 certified.

WiFi Alliance said that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be the first certified smartphone for the new standard.

Wifi 6 Has Faster Feature

Just for your information, this new “high-efficiency wireless” standard has many features that add it to single-user Synario to make it 37 per cent faster than 802.11ac.

Wifi 6 Features
Wifi 6 Features

Increased Efficiency with OFDMA

Wi-Fi 6 also provides the groundwork for a 5G home network. WiFi Alliance also stated that this certification provides critical connectivity that supports cellular networks. And leverages the high speed, low latency, power efficiency, greater capacity, and better coverage to provide a lot of advanced 5G services.

This WiFi will deliver 37 per cent faster speeds than previous WiFi generation (802.11ac)), and lower latency, increased bandwidth for greater performance with higher data, higher data rates for greater network capacity, as well as MU -MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) will also support more downloads on more devices at once.

WiFi 6 will require hardware changes. Therefore, now sold devices can not be certified. Customers will be happy to know that many devices have already been launched, which are Wi-Fi 6 compatible. The first name of these is Galaxy Note 10.

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