Easiest Homemade cat food recipe diet: Benefits & more
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Easiest Homemade cat food recipe diet: Benefits & more


Easyiest homemade cat food recipe diet: This easiest recipe for all the cat’s owner who wants to prepare simplest cat food recipe for your pet. Today we tell you how you can prepare a homemade recipe for your cat which they will enjoy. This recipe will help them in their daily nutrition needs. If you love your pet then you want to give them delicious food which they will enjoy. After all, they are kids of your home.

You don’t want to give them a portion of unhealthy food. Today I saw my friend that his cat is healthy how? I asked him then he told me that he is giving them a delicious and healthy homemade food. Then I asked him that please tell us that homemade food recipe. So, our readers who are reading our blog can take care of their pet with that food recipe. And then he provides me with that. So, Let start the easiest cat food recipe…

Easiest domestic cat food recipe
Easiest domestic cat food recipe

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How to prepare a homemade cat food recipe?

This dish is a non-vegetarian food that your dog or cat will surely like. Most animals that love animals, like a cat or dog but get worried about their food in a few days. Like our pets prefer to eat only dog ​​food/cat food or non-vegetarian food. That animal reduces domestic food. Which causes the follower a lot of trouble. For example, buying non-vegetarian food every day, then making it, then giving it to your animal or increasing the expenditure on dog food/cat food. Due to this, the follower is short of time to do other work and the expenditure increases. Due to which he starts to feel like a burden because of just eating the animal.

Homemade cat or dog food recipe ingredients

  • 1 KG chicken or fish ( cut into small pieces)
  • A pan for preparing the recipe
  • Water
  • Half teaspoon salt
  • Half teaspoon turmeric

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Preparation for a homemade cat or dog food recipe

Take a portion of 1 kg of chicken (remember the meat is in small pieces). Wash it thoroughly. Now add chicken to boil in the pan. Remember that water should be a little more. Now add half teaspoon salt and turmeric to it. Now let the chicken boil. When the chicken boils well, then let the chicken cool down a little bit, after that, separate the bones from it and place it in a pot and keep only the meat aside.

When you have separated all the bones, after that put chicken in the mixer and mix boiled water in the mixer in a small amount. And crush. Crush it so that it does not become like a paste in the chicken mixer. Now put that paste in a good pot and place the bones in a separate vessel. Always keep the chicken paste in the freeze. Now, whenever you feed your animal. Mix half a teaspoon of chicken paste in a plate of rice and mix it well, put some bones in it and give it. This paste lasts for about 15 days. Which gives great relief to the follower.

Benefits of homemade cat food recipe
Benefits of homemade cat food recipe

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Finalization of homemade cat or dog food recipe

In the same way, you can also make fish. Take less cut fish, which has small pieces, now remember to boil it, only add salt to the water. After boiling, keep the skin of the fish aside. Now cut the fish from the meat and throw it away. Now crush the fish in the mixer until it becomes a paste. Keep it in freeze too. After cooling the boiled water of the fish, keep it in a separate vessel and mix the skin of the fish in it and keep it in the freeze as well. In a few hours, the boiled water of the fish will become like jelly.
Now whenever you give food to your animal, then mix one spoon of fish paste in a plate of rice along with 1 teaspoon of jelly.

I hope, now you know how to prepare an easiest homemade cat food with this simple recipe diet. Please tell us in the comment. If you want more recipes for your cat or dog. We will try to come with a delicious recipe for your pet. Don’t forget like, comment and subscribe to our blog. Of course, we know you will do that. Read more about best dog food recipe article. There you will get more information about the dog’s food.

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