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Article 370 Jammu Kashmir Ladakh latest news


The Narendra Modi government at the Center took a major decision on Jammu and Kashmir on Monday. Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced a resolution to eliminate Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in the Rajya Sabha. With this Article 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir has been abolished. Shah introduced all our country reorganization bill in the Rajya Sabha. According to the statement issued by the Union Home Ministry, both Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will be Union Territories. There will be assembly in Jammu and Kashmir but Ladakh will be a union territory without assembly.

Alert all over the country, Jammu and Kashmir will go to Doval

The Union Home Ministry has issued instructions to the Chief Secretaries, DGPs and Police Commissioners of all states and union territories to take special vigilance. Security forces and agencies in the states have also been instructed to remain alert. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval (NSA Ajit Doval) is expected to visit Kashmir today. According to the news agency ANI, he will meet senior security officials in the state to take stock of the ground situation. Doval visited Srinagar in the last week of July.

Indian Army and Air Force also on high alert after article 370 removal in Jammu Kashmir

Along with this, a large number of additional security forces have been deployed in Jammu and Kashmir. The government has decided to send eight thousand additional security forces to Jammu and Kashmir from UP, Assam and Odisha and other parts. They are being airlifted to Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Army and Air Force have also been allocated on very high alert. Former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have been placed under house arrest. Many leaders have been taken into custody. Article -144 has been installed in Jammu and Srinagar with the closure of internet services in the valley. Because of govt. think that when they will remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. It will be safe.

Normal life in Leh, Sannas spread in other parts

Normal life in Leh is quite normal. School colleges and other educational institutions are open like normal days. Article-144 is not installed in this region. In this video, see how people are doing their normal work. Life is normal in Ladakh region and Section-144 has not been imposed here either. Section-144 has been imposed in Srinagar and Jammu. Shikara is empty in Dalzheel and there is silence all around. The Governor has asked the Chief Secretary to report every hour keeping an eye on the incident. As mobile services are disrupted, the authorities have been provided with satellite phones for connectivity.

Till now nobody had the political will

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while presenting the resolution to remove Article 370 in the Rajya Sabha, said that Article 370 in the Constitution was temporary. This meant that it would be removed on one day or the other, but so far no one had the political will to decide about it. Some people were doing vote bank politics but we do not care about vote bank. Shah said that for so many years, minorities in Jammu and Kashmir did not get the benefit of reservation. The time has come to remove article 370 without delay.

The opposition parties declared the decision unconstitutional after removal 370 from Jammu and Kashmir

PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has said that today is the darkest day of Indian democracy. In 1947, the leadership of Jammu and Kashmir had decided to join India by rejecting the theory of two nations which proved to be the opposite. The Indian government’s decision to remove Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is unconstitutional and illegal. At the same time, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has said that three-three former Chief Ministers have been under house arrest in Jammu and Kashmir. The BJP has assassinated the Constitution today.

PDP MP tore clothes in Parliament House after removed article 370 & 35A

When Union Home Minister Amit Shah proposed to remove Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir of the Constitution in the Rajya Sabha, opposition leaders started creating a ruckus. After this announcement, PDP MP Nazir Ahmad tore his clothes and sat up and started committing uproar. Not only this, the MPs of Congress, Trinamool and DMK also created a lot of uproar. At the same time, A.N. Navneetkrishnan said that we welcome the verdict. Article 370 is temporary and the provision to remove it is not wrong.

Jammu Kashmir History in Indira Gandhi’s Time

After losing the 1971 war to India, if the then President of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had not done a trick, India would probably have had a considerable part of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Apart from this, India would have a right over a large part of Pakistan. However, Indira Gandhi probably had no idea that Zulfikar could think to this extent. In the Simla Agreement after the war, Indira Gandhi returned all the Pakistani prisoners of war and the occupied land. Indira Gandhi was also criticized by critics for this decision.

How Pakistan Captured our Jammu Kashmir Land

In fact, in the 1971 war, India had arrested more than 90 thousand soldiers and civilians of Pakistan. Many areas of Punjab and Sindh were occupied by the Indian Army in Pakistan. The Indian Army crossed the Line of Control and went several kilometres inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. It is said that in total, 15,000 square kilometres of Pakistan’s land had come to India.

India was on such a front foot. People felt that pressure would now be put on Pakistan on the issue of PoK, but nothing like this happened. During the joint session called on the Kashmir issue on Wednesday, former Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari claimed that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had intelligently rescued all the land and Pakistani prisoners held by the Indian Army from Indira Gandhi. Pakistan should do something similar about the current state of Jammu and Kashmir. Please tell that Asif Ali Zardari is the son-in-law of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Let us tell you that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi talked about the land of Pakistan and more than 90 thousand prisoners of war after the 1971 war. In this meeting, Indira told Zulfikar that we can return you only one of the Jamir or Pak POWs captured by the Indian Army. Now tell me what you need, land or Pak war prison? Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did a trick and asked for land. In fact, he knew that due to international regulations, India would have to leave Pakistani soldiers at some time. Then keeping more than 90 thousand prisoners of war will not be a profitable deal even from the economic point of view. In such a situation, Indira Gandhi returned both land and prisoner of war to Pakistan.

Dawn News quoted Zardari as saying, “We should realize how Zulfikar Ali Bhutto protected his borders after the 1971 war. The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) was formed for Kashmir. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had withdrawn the occupied land from (former Indian Prime Minister) Indira after negotiations. ‘ The PPP leader also said that India’s decision to cancel special status for Jammu and Kashmir is as serious as the tragedy in East Pakistan. He said that the Kashmir issue is the second major incident after East Pakistan became independent.

Significantly, under Article 370 of the Constitution, a proposal to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir has been passed by both houses of Parliament. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh will now be separate union territories.

Jammu: With the removal of Section 144, life became normal in Jammu, school-colleges opened, passenger vehicles ran on the roads

On Saturday, after the removal of Section 144 implemented in Jammu city towards administration, normal life returned completely back on track. Shopkeepers opened shops earlier in the morning, children arrived in school-colleges and passenger vehicles were seen running on the streets of the city as usual. However, strict security arrangements were seen in the city. The barbed wire at the Chowk-Chorahas has been shifted to one side but the deployment of security personnel there remains the same. CRPF and Rapid Action Course personnel were seen patrolling the markets. Security arrangements are also tight in sensitive areas.

Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh People are ready to celebrate Eid Festival

After five days, crowds of people appeared in the open markets in the city. The people of the Muslim community, preparing for Eid, shopped fiercely. The attendance was also completed in government and private offices. It can be said that life in various parts of the city was seen returning to the track. People came out of their homes and reached the market and bought vegetables, fruits and essential things. The markets were closed for the last five days. The movement of vehicles on the roads was curbed. However, in the last two days, the order of opening shops in the market had started somewhere. But the markets were not fully opened. Most of the vegetable shops in the market remained closed in the past. This had increased people’s troubles. Due to this, the vegetable was not available.

In Parade Mandi, there was not enough arrival of vegetables. As soon as Section 144 was removed, people came to the market openly. The influx of people was seen in the old city since this morning. Sangeeta Singh of Nai Basti said that it is a big relief. The stuff in the house was over. Vegetables and fruits were not available in the house. But now everyone has taken it.

The traders of Narwhal Mandi have also breathed a sigh of relief. Although quite a few vegetable trucks arrived here from other states on Friday morning, vegetables were not coming in from the valley. Now traders hope that there will be plenty of goods coming from other states and the shortage of vegetables and fruits made in the city will be removed. Businessman Raj Kumar Raja of Narwhal Mandi said that everything will be normal in a day or two. The shopkeepers, whose goods were exhausted, also supplied the goods.

Section 144 lifted in Jammu, school-colleges will open today after five days

Jammu: After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, schools, colleges and other schools closed in Jammu city will open after five days on Saturday. Deputy Commissioner Jammu Sushma Chauhan issued an order on Friday evening, allowing removal of Section 144 in Jammu city and opening of schools and colleges.
Section 144 was imposed in the entire state including Jammu since late Sunday and schools, colleges and educational institutions were closed since Monday. Except for Jammu, all educational institutions in Samba, Kathua and Udhampur districts opened on Friday, while in Jammu city will open from Saturday. After the order of opening of school, college, however, classes will be smooth only after August 15. Eid is a holiday on Monday and Tuesday, followed by August 15 and Rakhi.

Things started normalizing in Jammu and Kashmir, bus service started for Jammu after four days

Following the decision taken by the central government on Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab Roadways stopped the bus service to Jammu, which has been restored on Friday. Three buses were sent from Punjab Roadways to Jammu. Three buses coming from Gharota and Amritsar were diverted from Pathankot to Jammu. The three buses also returned with passengers in the afternoon.

Passengers were facing a lot of trouble as the bus service stopped. Students of Amritsar, studying in a madrasa in Jammu, also arrived in Madhopur on Friday by car hire and left for their homes from there. Pathankot depot station supervisor Sompal said that a bus from Pathankot to Basuhali was sent on time. Buses running from the depot’s Gharota to Jammu and Amritsar to Jammu were also sent to Jammu. It is expected that the situation will be normal in the next one to two days.

On the other hand, after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the process of returning people of other states is continuing in view of the situation there. Last day also 2500 special train was taken from Udhampur. On Wednesday and Thursday night, two hundred passengers were sent from Udhampur to Pathankot via train number 16032, 300 passengers to Pune in train number 11058, 600 passengers from train number 15651 to Guwahati and 600 passengers to train number 12550 for the fort. DRM Rajesh Agarwal confirmed this and said that the railway is trying to provide transport facility to the passengers. A special train will be increased if required.

Jammu and Kashmir was not just a piece of land but a plot of cultural and spiritual background.

The day of August 5, 2019, is no less important for India than the independence achieved in 1947. On this day, in the form of Articles 370 and 35A, a decisive initiative was taken to abolish special state status and some special rights given to Kashmir. These rights were pushing Kashmir towards Pakistan more than India. At the same time, J&K was shifting away from Indian culture, but with the decision of Modi government, Jammu and Kashmir became an integral part of India under one nation, one legislation and one mark, along with its affiliation with Indian culture. The blockers also came to an end.

The cultural history of Jammu and Kashmir

Actually, the history of a plot is not created by its political mistakes but is determined by its cultural background. Before understanding Kashmir, it is important to know its cultural history. No nation is merely a political or geographical map drawn with pencil on paper. It also has a constantly flowing cultural stream. Like a river comes from somewhere and flows. In times of time, it dries up completely, but as soon as it rains, the river comes back to life in its form.

Kashmir is not a mere plot

Kashmir is not just a plot, but in its past, it has covered the entire cultural flow like a river. The ancient cultural image of Kashmir may have been subdued due to the shock of foreign invaders over time, but it resurfaced as time went on. We have to understand this ancient heritage of Kashmir.
Kashmir is the centre of Sanatan religion and philosophy

In fact, Kashmir has been the centre of Sanatan religion and philosophy. Even today, the supernatural temples of ancient times are in a dilapidated state. It has its own system of worship. The knowledge of Kashmir was so advanced that travellers from China, Japan went there and described its culture, spirituality in their travelogues and literature.

Adi Shankaracharya’s philosophy is Kashmiriyat

Kashmir, which was the centre of Shaivism and the identity of Hindus, became the introduction of Islam in a period. Today those who claim that Islam is Kashmiriyat have to remember that Kashmiriyat is that which appears in the philosophy of Adi Shankaracharya and which is reflected in the Natyashastra of Abhinav Gupta. Kashmir is the peak area of spirituality. it has been the pinnacle of knowledge, art and philosophy since ancient times. Kashmir was the same as Rameswaram, Dwarka or Puri.

Islam came as a guest in India

This area was the plot of our prayers. It is sad that people mourn in the name of culture, not study it realistically. This is the error behind all ideological riots. India was a country of naïve people who believed in sentiments like ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. Islam came to India as a guest wearing an Indian Chola. We ranked him at our house. What happened later, it is not hidden from anyone. Does everyone know what happened to Kashmiri Pandits?

Do China and Pakistan occupy half the area of Jammu and Kashmir?

It is necessary to know here that after the independence of India in 1947, almost half of the area of Jammu and Kashmir was occupied by China and Pakistan together. Pakistan’s control over the areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli etc. The holy ‘Krishna-Ganga’ river flows from Muzaffarabad district of this Kashmir controlled by Pakistan, which has mythological significance.

‘Namaste Sharada Devi Kashmirpur Vasini’

It is said that on the banks of this river, Lord Brahma himself established the temple of Mother Sharda and since then the whole of Kashmir has been worshipping him as ‘Namaste Sharada Devi Kashmirpur Vasini’. Mother Sharda had such a blessing on Kashmir that Shivpuran, Kalhan’s Rajatarangini, Charaka Samhita, Ashtanga Yoga etc. unique texts were composed there. A long tradition of Shaiva philosophers also started from Kashmir.

Travel details of Chinese traveller Xuanzang on Sharda Peeth

Chinese traveller Xuanzang has written in his travelogue that near the Sharda Peeth there were very big scholars and there was a school where students from all over the world used to come to learn. Adi Shankar, who unfurled the flag of Hinduism, saw Maa Vagdevi in this Sharda Peeth.

Kashmir is the identity of Indians

It is clear that Kashmir is the field of knowledge science, spirituality, philosophy, worship and Archana. Is the area of identification of Indians. Now that Article 370 and 35A in Jammu and Kashmir are abolished. It is expected that with the return of Kashmiri Pandits. The dilapidated temples will also be saved and people will be able to migrate there with the desire for salvation and enlightenment.

It will take time to attract investors in Jammu, only after stability it will move there

After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Development and other things are being done there. It is also being said that after its removal. People of other states will also be able to buy property there. The people will be able to set up industries, the business will increase, industries running in Kashmir will get new momentum. But the truth is that right now, it will take at least a year for investors to go to Jammu and Kashmir, buy property there or set up some kind of industry.


Only after a year’s time will these things get momentum there. Speed will also be found when the environment there is favourable to these things. If the atmosphere in Kashmir remains turbulent, then it will be difficult for investors or other people to go here. Promoting overnight investment in this area is not easy. The regular disturbance in Kashmir has been affecting the economy and tourism itself. If it does not improve even after the removal of Article 370, then the road to progress will remain difficult.

Demonstration and police clash spoils the picture

Unemployment in the Indian part of Jammu and Kashmir is double the national average. The regular disturbance here affects the economy and tourism. If investors have to increase here, then it will be important for them that how much the security situation can improve. Everything that exists in Kashmir attracts tourists from all over the world, but the turbulent atmosphere and terrorist activities here prevent people from coming here. Many times such incidents have also happened, due to which the international stage has also been gritty.

If people decide to come here by forming a group. Then their spirits are also defeated once they hear about the old activities here. It is not that people cannot buy land here. But they were facing problems due to the legal hurdles till now, another big reason is the turbulent atmosphere here. After the passage of the article, if the atmosphere is good for a few months, then the purchase of the property will be sold or else people will remain calm.

The condition of the property market after demonetisation

After the demonetisation, the condition of the property market is already bad. The dealers & builders of all the big cities themselves are upset. These days, the purchase of property in Delhi-NCR is not going on, so it is very difficult to grow the property market in a troubled area like Jammu. Currently, lakhs of flats are ready for sale in the NCR region itself. Buyers are unable to get the desired work here. In such a situation, there will be a boom in the property market in Kashmir. People associated with the real estate sector in Delhi-NCR say that areas like Jammu and Kashmir were never on the radar of the real estate sector, there is not so much buying.


Still, people go to these places only for three to four days or more than one week, so the number of people who invest lakhs of rupees to buy property there is very less. It is another matter that people who are already living there buy property there for their children. Those people already had no problem with buying land there. A few select enthusiasts may wish to buy property there, irrespective of the atmosphere there. It does not matter to them.

Electricity and other resources in Jammu and Kashmir

There is a lot of potential for the tourism industry in Jammu and Kashmir, but there is a lack of basic facilities here. There is a lack of electricity, good roads, a big market. Poor electricity system in any state affects all types of industries there as well, the situation of electricity is similar here too. Because of the power problem, entrepreneurs in a big state like UP are shying away from setting up industries, so there is little scope for a good improvement in these things so soon in Kashmir. So far, there are a total of 55 tourist destinations, but due to lack of power, they are not getting a boost there.

Agriculture and Tourism In J&K

80 per cent of Jammu and Kashmir is dependent on agriculture. Apart from wheat and millet, rice, maize and fruits are cultivated here. The area is famous for handicrafts, carpets, decorative wood items, wool and silk. Kashmir wool made from the hair of Kashmiri goats is famous not only in the region but all over the world. Meanwhile, the bulk of Kashmir wool is coming from Mongolia and China. The small family enterprise here is also not untouched by controversy. At present, there is no foreign investment in the state and there is also no special economic zone where the state government can attract investors. Apart from the poor security situation, corruption also affects the development of the area.

Jammu and Kashmir

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir is the highest in India. Jammu has spent only 0.9 per cent of its GDP on the development of industries. This is why many observers see the possibility of progress in the traditional industry. Since the sale of handcrafted goods is high here, due to this, handcrafted goods can be exported here in future. It is now believed that when the government allows investors to export outside Kashmir, the doors of development will open in the state. But for now, all these will take time. All these things are not going to start here so soon.

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