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Apple 5G iPhone will launch in 2020 in India


These days most of the smartphone makers are preparing to launch 5G handset. In such a big disclosure about 5g iPhone from Apple. It has been said that the company will introduce its 5G iPhone in 2020, not next year. With this news, all the rumours have been put to rest. In which it was said that Apple may launch the 5G iPhone next year.

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Samsung plans to introduce its first 5G smartphone in 2019 in association with Verizon. Whereas Apple will remain with 3G and 4G generation technology among users in 2019 as well. Significantly, Oneplus 6T is set to be introduced once again with 5G next year. At the same time, many other companies including Huawei are also planning to launch 5G smartphones.

5G iPhone Technology

According to the reports, Apple can use Intel’s 8161 modem chip in its 5G smartphone. Fast Company has indicated this through a report. Not only this, but the Apple company is also talking to the MediaTek company for the chip of the phone with 5G support. Let us know that Intel’s modem can be used in all smartphones of 2018.

It is worth noting that Reliance Jio is going to launch 5G SIM soon. Testing is going on from the company for this. According to media reports, the initial price of this sim is Rs 20. In this, users will get everything including unlimited calling, 5G high speed for free for 3 months. According to the report, this sim can be introduced next year. According to the report, 5G will be launch in China in 2019, while in India it will be introduced in 2020.

Why Apple 5G iPhone should be launch

Some time ago Apple has launched iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR. Which is doing quite well? The Apple company does not lag behind in preparing ahead. The company keeps providing information about the device to be launched next.

However, this time the company has also revealed its preparations for 2020. Which is quite interesting. This news has already created a lot of sensation for the device. Let me tell you, a report from Fast Company has revealed that Intel modem 8161 can be used in the first 5G iPhone. Also, its cloud will come to the store in 2020.

According to the report, Intel will be the only company to provide the iPhone modem. Which will make it different. According to the report of Fast Company released in the 8060 version. Intel is reportedly testing 5G phones on the previous version 8060 of Intel 8161. Counterpoint research suggests that iPhone sales in India could be around 7,00,000 to 8,00,000 in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to the Reuters report.

Apple 5G News

However, this number of sales is less than 1 lakh as compared to last year’s bean quarter. The company sold 9,00,000 units in the same quarter last year. Which is higher than in the fourth quarter. Let me tell you, the decline in iPhone sales was also anticipating in the last quarter. when the company was expecting to sell 4,50,000 iPhones.

As per the Expert report, one of the major reasons for the decline in iPhones sales could be its expensive price. The most expensive iPhones launched this time. Let me tell you, the Android base is growing rapidly but Apple is facing a lot of problems in adding new customers with it.

 The Apple iPhone relies on companies making two mobile modems for its 5G smartphone. These two companies are Qualcomm and Samsung. This information has come after the settlement of the high profile case between Apple and Qualcomm.

5G iPhone Latest News

The report also stated that Qualcomm has the potential to be a supplier of 5G modems, while Samsung supplies the modem in the “select market” itself. MacRumors report says that Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has talked about these changes in his note. According to this report, Apple was seeking to talk to two suppliers for its 5G modem to strengthen its position during the deal. So that the cost of the company’s upcoming 5G smartphone can be reduced.

Also, the report claimed that Apple is not in talks with other modem-making companies such as Huawei, MediaTek and even Intel for its 5G smartphone. This is the reason that Apple has disposed of its ongoing case with Qualcomm out of court. Earlier Intel announced that it would not manufacture 5G capacitive modems.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple expects to ship 195 to 200 million iPhones by 2020. With this, the company aims to sell 70-75 million 5G-capable devices in half a year. According to the information, the company can return by changing the design of the iPhone 8. The company’s new refreshed phone can come with Apple A13 SoC.

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